International Federation of Red Cross trains 14m Nigerians on first aid

Crowded Oshodi Market in NigeriaThe International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has trained more than 14 million people in Nigeria on first-aid in 2012, according to a statement issued in Abuja on Friday.

The statement, signed by Mr Mohammed Bashir-Illela, National Training Officer, Nigerian Red Cross Society in Abuja, said the organisation had remained the world’s leading first-aid trainer and provider for more than 150 years.

“While the marketplace has changed, our belief that performing first-aid is an act of humanity – not just a series of techniques – has not,’’ it stated.
It stated that the World First Aid Day (WFAD), to be celebrated on Saturday (Sept. 12), was a time to promote first aid knowledge and skills around the globe.

The association said it would bring about the change needed to enhance, expand and improve first-aid training worldwide as an act of humanitarian empowerment and a key component of a wider resilience approach.

The theme of the celebration is “First aid and ageing population’’ with the aim of building a positive image of ageing and recognise older people as an important resource for society, the statement said.

“We also want to encourage older people self-empowerment, strengthening their resilience and capacity to be autonomous while promoting their inclusion in society as actors and not only as beneficiaries.

“Indeed, we believe that older people can be transformed from being `cared for’ into `people providing quality integrated care,’’ it said.
The society said the 2014 theme highlighted the need for “first-aid heroes” in daily emergencies and disasters.

“The message was that neither a cape nor superpower is needed to be a hero; first aid saves lives, everyone, everywhere can be a hero.

“This same message and slogan, “Be a hero. Save lives. First aid is for everyone, everywhere, remains relevant to the theme,’’ it said.
It stated that older people could be heroes and support their peers, their grand-children and other people in several ways.

“Therefore, the visual identity, slogan and theme are a continuation from last year’s WFAD campaign,’’ it said.

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