NBC urges public to ignore radio Biafra

A radio station. image source justshuddup

A radio station. image source justshuddup

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), on Friday, urged the public to ignore radio Biafra transmission.

This is contained in a statement signed by the Director, Public Affairs of the commission, Alhaji Awwalu Salihu, made available to newsmen in Abuja.

The statement said the commission had become aware of a pirate radio station transmitting seditious and divisive content contrary to the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code and law.

It assured the public that it was working in conjunction with security forces to track the source of the broadcast.

It urged the public to ignore the inflammatory content of the broadcast and continue to work toward a strong, united and prosperous nation.

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  • Anonymous

    This statement by the NBC is laughable.

    The DG of NBC Emeka Mbah is a rabid pro-Biafran supporter who allowed Radiob Biafra to broadcast their wicked, hateful and venomous tribal and seditious nonsense to the glee of his fellow Biafrans, until now that Buhari is elected president contrary to all their calculations that Jonathan will return as president.

    Emeka Mbah is now fighting a lost battle to retain his appointment as DG of NBC to possibly escape his imminent dismissal for atrocities perpetrated as previous DG of Film Censors Board and present crimes in NBC including illegal recruitment of 1000 employees (mostly Igbo’s) barely two months ago in NBC.

    Moreover, as an avid Jonathan supporter, crony and yes-man, he colluded with AIT, NTA, etc to broadcast defamatory and malicious stories against president Buhari and Bola Tinubu during the recent campaigns.

    The latter day “repentance” by Emeka Mbah is a disingenuous ploy to hoodwink Nigerians and the present administration into overlooking his past criminality including a casefile still at the EFCC.

    This man must be sacked, prosecuted and jailed as a principal economic saboteur and felon.

    • Nigeria4u

      Your statement is a hate statement against Igbo tribe, it is better for you to talk about Radio Biafra without any tribal sentiment which made your statement rubbish.

      • tupes

        Am happy we are geting things right now. No freedom come easy let’s continue the work

    • opam

      You can remove Mbah and replace him with a million anti Igbo bigots, it will not make a dent on whatever Radio Biafra or any other radio station chooses to broadcast from outside Nigeria. if Radio Biafra survived transmission to Nigeria under Obasanjo, it will survive under Buhari and any other anti Biafra dictator. The station does not operate from within Nigeria. It is, therefore, not subject your usual anti-Igbo regulations. There isn’t a thing Mbah, NBC or Buhari for that matter can do about it.

  • Nigeria4u

    Radio Biafra is not registered in Nigeria, everybody is free to listen to it without minding NBC.

  • okaforcn

    No body dictates the radio station one listens to. NBC please be careful. You want all radio stations to register with you so that the station will not transmit the true story to the public. Corrupt Commission.

  • Nigerian

    All of you applauding the so called “Biafra” station are all delusional. Face reality, no such thing as the “Republic of biafra”, there was a war & “Biafra” lost to “Nigeria”…we ‘ve one central government, the “Nigerian government . let’s build it.

  • anthony24g

    While it is important for Nigeria to embrace fully the freedom of speech including that for those using various types of information systems, it is also important for Nigeria to protect every one of it citizen. Recently religious intolerance have
    been used by some to threaten and or deny many the freedom to life, with the outputs from different information systems being the main sources for propagating the intolerance. Several countries have made new laws or strengthened the existing laws that strike against the intolerance.
    Nigeria should be bold to ensure that laws similar to UK racist and religious crime and disorder crime acts/laws are created/strengthened and enforced to ensure the freedom of life to every Nigerian. The laws/acts must cover incitements which should keep individuals running public information systems within the law or face prosecution. US laws have not dealt adequately with regards to racially/religious motivated intolerance which may have prevented the recent racially motivated mass murders in the Charleston Church. US failed to heed the warning of their former Attorney General Eric Holder who said in June 2009 that U.S. needs tougher hate crimes law/act to stop “violence masquerading as political activism”.