TruckIt sets new path for deliveries, haulage uses technology to boost industry growth

Top CEOs, directors, technology leaders, logistic experts, business owners and professionals from diverse backgrounds gathered recently at the unveiling of the TruckIt brand and the launch of the revolutionary U-TruckIt app designed to drive ease and convenience for the delivery and haulage sectors.

Remarkably, the event recorded an impressive attendance from broad based industries, which include FMCG, banking, manufacturing, retail, technology and the service industry. The launch event attracted business managers, entrepreneurs, investors, technology experts, bankers and media personalities.

In his welcome address, the Chief Executive Officer of TruckIt, Mr. Tom Roberts, introduced TruckIt to the audience, “we are an indigenous Technology firm set up to revolutionize the delivery and haulage sector in Nigeria. Truckit started as a dream that had been nursed for a very long time and today we unveil the brand and launch the new app that we hope will capture the core target market which cut across individuals and organizations and become a world class organization.”

According to Roberts, “our new corporate name and the brand identity illustrate the deep and painstaking efforts we put over time in setting up this enterprise. As you shall see at some point tonight, our corporate logo is clean and contemporary, composed of strong distinctive lettering of the name TruckIt. The color palette of the logo combines red and black to reflect the boldness and stability, which are our core driving force. The overall brand elements speak to the ingenuity, dynamism and innovation that our organization embody.

“TruckIt shall be delivering effective and efficient solutions in the transportation through integrated modern mobile technology application U TRUCKIT, which we are also launching today. We have developed our processes in line with ISO guidelines and global standards. Simplicity will be key as we have mapped out easy steps that would leverage technology to deliver seamless haulage services just with any device on the hands,” he said.

In his address as the Keynote speaker, Dr Doyin Salami of the Lagos Business School echoed the need for technology in driving the much-desired national development. He highlighted the quantum growth and scale that technology drives and emphasized the need to encourage technology innovation both at enterprise, state and national level.

According to Salami, “technology has become arguably, the fastest growing sector in Nigeria. In 2016 alone, ICT accounted for 10 per cent of total national revenue, the highest in a decade and half. By the year 2000, ICT in Nigeria contributed less than one quarter of 1% of GDP. Technology Innovations are therefore constantly brewed to revolutionize our life. More than ever before, prosperity depends on human ability to drive innovation and break-through that reaches every corner of the globe. This is what I believe TruckiT has done with this ground breaking innovative solution created to positively change the service delivery model in the logistics and haulage sector.”

Salami highlighted the impact of such breakthrough to overall productivity and economic growth. “Innovation is essential for sustainable growth and economic development. Several core conditions enable innovation and encourage the drive towards sustainable growth and development. In today’s economy, innovation is crucial for value creation, growth and employment. These innovation processes may take place at the enterprise level, at regional or at national level. At whatever level this happens, it usually would lead to new businesses, new employment opportunities, increased competitiveness, increased productivity and invariable a boost in the economy. We believe this is the opportunity that TruckIt is creating with this new breakthrough in delivery and haulage services,” he said.

In demonstration of how the U-Truck it app works, the Director for Technology, TruckIt, Damilola Bamiro, threw more light on the usage. “TruckIt provides a service for individuals and companies with cost effective and secured technology solutions for the transportation of goods/cargo including fast moving consumer goods through trusted transporters via our platform. Independent transporters or carriers with credible goods-in-transit insurance sign up and register their vehicles to our platform ‘U TRUCKIT’”.

Using a regular hand held telephone device, Bamiro demonstrated the ease of acquisition and operation of the app showing how Individuals and companies wishing to move cargo of any shape or size can select from different vehicle sizes of their choice and complete their transaction seamlessly online. “The client is linked via the user application to the driver of any chosen vehicle. We deploy Electronic Haulage Requests via an interactive IT platform and web based solution. This permits our different clients place their order requirements online, track the vehicles and view estimated fares. The client can also monitor the location of the driver and the cargo from ‘U TRUCKIT’ platform until it gets to its destination,” he enthused.

Engaging the keen and enthusiastic audience, Bamiro took everyone through the use of the application on their mobile/hand help devices. “The application is available for immediate download on the Google Play and the Apple App store, all you need do is download the app, call for a service, chose your preferred truck or vehicle based on the weight of your goods and you are on the path to seamless movement of your goods” he said.

Speaking at the event, the Director for Business Development and Sales, Val Anozia stated, “the TruckIt services are available to individuals, Small and Medium enterprises (SME’s) and large corporate organisations and in fact anyone who wants to move things around from one point to another without the usual hassles such services are reputed for”

With regards to the areas of coverage he highlighted that TruckIt will provide the transportation of goods to all parts of Nigeria including intercity and intracity services in a phased approach starting with six cities. “In ensuring that our services are world class, we provide clients with Fit-for-Purpose-Vehicle via competent and safe haulage companies with whom we have gone into partnership. We make strong commitment of On-time delivery of good and offer safe, convenient and seamlessly experience.”

According to Anozia, “we have built a formidable and successful platform which shall democratize the movement of goods and services and with the potentials for changing the dynamics for delivery and haulage solutions in Nigeria. Our operation is positioned to drive operational excellence, quality, manpower development, and an unshakable commitment to service and customer satisfaction as pillars of our future successes.”

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