Schneider Electric unveils mobile power packs

SchneiderAs part of efforts to reduce the effect of challenges encountered on rampant power supply on daily business and personal activities, Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management has launched an innovative solution called APC by Schneider Electric Mobile Power Packs to provide mobile charging for any device which can be charged using a USB cable including smartphones and tablet.

The device comes at a time when Nigerians need genuine, long lasting mobile power solutions to stay connected digitally, while using the different mobile applications available for business and other personal activities.

The Mobile Power Packs comes in M5BK and M10BK. The M5BK is powerful enough to provide two full charges to most smartphones, while the M10BK can support a single full charge to a tablet or four full charges to a smartphone.

Speaking at the official launch in Lagos over the weekend, Vice President, IT Business, Schneider Electric, Ayo Adegboye, said the new product is another set of trusted genuine solutions from Schneider Electric aimed at offering the consumer the choice of having technologically superior mobile accessories”.

“Smart phones and smart devices technologies are years ahead battery technology hence the need for mobile power pack as not to miss any moment either in business or pleasure”.

“We all need more battery life at some time or other, either at home, on our travels or at work. APC by Schneider Electric Mobile Power Pack has been designed to ensure that you can utilise the apps you need when needed which allows you to download email and documents, tweet, access gaming accounts or upload pictures and videos at festivals. APC by Schneider Electric Mobile Power Pack means you don’t have to always keep a wary eye on your battery indicator, he said.
He stated that the product is designed having in mind the needs of Nigerian customers at this time. Currently, the accessories market is flooded with counterfeit products which impact the functioning and efficiency of mobile devices.
APC by Schneider Electric Mobile Power Pack saves battery lifespan and energy by automatically shutting down when the connected devices are fully charged.

Apart from smart phones and tablets, the Mobile Power Pack also charges MP3 players and cameras.

“An LED lamp display shows the unit’s remaining charge while an on/off button ensures the battery does not unintentionally discharge when not in use, he said.

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  • baba loke

    Another palliative, of course a money spinner for the oyibos who is colluding with our officials to bring this into Nigeria. Give us light, not all these useless gadgets you can’t find in the oyibos’ land.