Nokia 3 demonstrates agility


The Nokia 3 is the lowest-end of Nokia’s new line of Android phones. It’s a budget phone for sleek tech saavy enthusiats.

Its design shows a blocky rectangle, with a matte plastic back to support. The slightly rounded corners and sides make the device easy to grip, and in typical Nokia ruggedness, the phone feels like it could survive being run over by a tank.

The Nokia 3 is small and can be comfortably used in one hand. It feels lighter than other phones, though, which is likely a result of the plentiful use of plastic in the construction.

The device is available in Tempered Blue, Silver, Matte Black or Copper, and is 8.48mm thick. There is a very, very slight camera bump. It comes with two cameras, one at the rare and a selfie.The selfie camera will get the job done fine, and is high enough quality for most purposes. Available as both single SIM and dual SIM variants. It comes with Google Photos for easy photo storage and sharing.

The display on the Nokia 3 is a 5-inch panel, with a 720p resolution and a Gorilla Glass coating. Brightness isn’t an issue and and demonstrates good viewing angles, which can’t be said for some of the competition. It comes with plenty of sensors to give you a full experience, including accelerometer, gyroscope.

Specs and Performance
Inside the Nokia 3 is the MediaTek MTK 6737 quad-core 1.4GHz processor paired with 2GB RAM. Going beyond processing power, there’s 16GB built-in memory with support for up to 256GB more thanks to the microSD card slot. It comes with a non-removable battery is 2,650mAh. Connectivity is better.

In terms of ports, you’ve got the usual headphone jack, Micro-USB and a microSD slot to expand the on-board storage – though there’s no fingerprint sensor or water-proofing solution.

The phone is NFC enabled, which drives services like Android Pay, among others. So if you’re on a tight budget but want to pay for coffee with your phone, the Nokia 3 might be your best bet.

There’s not all that much to say about the Nokia 3’s software, it comes with an almost-stock version of Android 7.0 out-of-the-box.One big perk is the inclusion of Google Assistant, the smart Siri rival that’s missing on plenty of more expensive Android devices. You may find that you don’t put it to much use, but it’s likely to be a welcome benefit for some.

The downside of that is a lack of exciting, novel features; the upside is that you get Google’s smooth, consistent user interface with none of the clutter that other manufacturers often throw into their Android devices.

Battery life
Considering a low-res screen is being powered by a not particularly power-hungry processor, one can assumed battery life would be a starring attribute of the Nokia 3. Nonetheless, tech savvy youths would probably be expecting more. General battery life is fine, and more times than not the device lasted a full day.

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