Motorola urges use of radio solutions to improve security

Motorola Solutions, Inc., an American data communications and telecommunications equipment provider, has called for improved use of radio solutions in tackling security challenges in Nigeria.

The firm noted that Nigeria has a heavy reliance on oil exports and is exposed to disruption with the presence of militant groups responsible for abductions, assassinations and bombings in oil rich parts of Nigeria; as such safety and security are pivotal for economic development and prosperity.

According to Motorola, with various industries in Nigeria now seeing the benefits in digital technologies, and started the transition, “digital two-way radio technologies will allow business to improve efficiency and provide better service by using applications that are only available with digital two-way radio. These applications include productivity features like messaging and job ticketing as well as features that help keep users safe like GPS tracking and automated ‘Man down’ alerts.”

The company noted that with digital two-way radio, manufacturers can improve safety by ensuring emergency calls get to the right person immediately whenever there is an issue; knowing exactly where employees are anytime, anywhere in the plant or outside of it. This will expedite resources outside the plant to respond more quickly; making sure workers can communicate clearly in the noisiest environments; making sure workers have a radio battery that can last an entire shift.

Senior Sales Manager, Motorola Solutions, Africa, Nicolas Coussinoux, in Lagos, said while it may be clear that digital technologies can help fight crime and increase public safety, many agencies are still hesitant towards the adoption of these technologies.

Among the reasons holding them back, Coussinoux said, are concerns around vulnerability to cybercrime and systems interoperability.“Organisations in 2017 seem to be more aware of cyber security, bringing a 10 per cent decrease in average total cost of damages related to data breaches.

And while many of these organisations are investing in cyber security solutions and employee education to better protect themselves, others prefer simply not to migrate to digital – thus giving up on the substantial benefits of these technologies,” he stated.

Head, Marketing, EMEA at Motorola, Tunde Williams, said with digital two-way radio, Motorola can improve safety by ensuring emergency calls get to the right person immediately whenever there is an issue.

He advised organisations to ensure they buy genuine two-way communication devices from Motorola certified partners and resellers in order to enjoy regular service updates, which include software updates, information updates about cyber threats in the radio environment and more.

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