Glo unveils new airtime packages

GlobacomTO further give more excitement to its subscribers in the Information and Communications Technology industry in the country, Globacom has unveiled a promotion with benefits that include quadruple data and free double airtime for calls to all network.

Globacom’s Executive Director, Legal Services, Gladys Talabi, during the official launch of the Twin Bash promo in Lagos, said a subscriber who recharges N200 data will get 200 MB of data worth N800, another N200 airtime to call or send text messages to any network and N200 airtime to call 10 friends and family. The subscriber will therefore get N1,200 value for a data recharge of N200 and the recharge is valid for four days.

She explained that a subscriber who recharges with N500 data plan will get 500 MB of data, N500 airtime to call or send text messages to any network and N500 airtime to call 10 friends and family, adding that this is valid for 10 days.

Talabi emphasised that every subscriber who recharges with N1,000 for data will get  1.2 GB of data and not 1GB as it was before now. In addition, the subscriber will also receive  N1,000 free airtime to call or send text messages to any network and N1000 free airtime to call 10 friends and family, adding that this is valid for 15 days.

Similarly, for a N2,000 data plan, the subscriber will enjoy 2 GB of data with N2,000 airtime bonus to call or send sms to any network and another N2,000 free airtime to call 10 friends and family. She added that this package is valid for 30 days.

“This is an unbeatable offer in the Nigeria telecommunication industry. Imagine paying N200 for a service and getting a value worth N1,200,”Talabi said.

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  • Truetalk

    Nice. I guess other network providers will soon roll out theirs

  • Glo still has to fix the quality of their network. As far as I’m concerned… they have about the worst network quality so far (as compared to Etisalat which I also use)

    • Emmanuel Maluba

      Thanks for “As far as I’m concerned..”. Where I stay, Etisalat is not even a network, it is just too poor, but I wont ever assume that it is universal across the country.

      • lol perhaps it’s your location. I’m speaking from experience in Benin, Lagos and Warri… Etisalat has been fine for me. But Glo? Even when people call me with Glo lines… it’s rubbish!

        • Emmanuel Maluba

          This is still a generalization, my Brother. You are not in all possible locations in these three places. We can only make progress when we stop generalizing.

          • I had the same opinion about Etisalat’s internet services months ago. But that was until I changed phones and realized that I just had a really stupid phone lol

            But you’re right though… I could not have been in all possible locations in those 3 places. Nonetheless, Etisalat outperforms Glo in 100% of the locations I have been to in Nigeria, both in call quality and internet connectivity. That is MY own experience, so I am not generalizing here. And sorry your experience is something else.

            Meanwhile, there are those who believe that all these networks operators should be purged out from Nigeria due to generally poor services and unfriendly tariffs (I don’t know what world they live in). I believe the tariffs are fine, but could be worked on, but the quality of service (network, internet, etc.) definitely needs more work. That’s my 2 cents

          • Emmanuel Maluba

            Better, bro!

  • Eniola Fadesewafunmi

    Cowards in that Country