iArea Network introduces car tracking measure

CAR theft is on the increase in most countries. Everyday, someone loses his car at gun point. Cars parked in public parks are not safe either as thieves employ ingenious methods of breaking into parked vehicles. Stopping your car from being stolen is almost impossible in today’s world. 

   The active GPS tracking device that updates every five minutes and takes 48 hours for anyone to demobilise it has been launched into the country.

  The gadget named, AutoTrakr, will help check car theft and prevent unwholesome practices by drivers or transporters whose companies subscribe to the product.

  introducing the product to the Nigerian market, iArea Network Limited, in partnership with Auto Vantage, USA, in lagos , Kester Atumonyogo, Chief Executive Officer of the company, said that AutoTrakr  gadget had the latest technology of car trackers, and that it possessed some qualities which include: block manual texting when moving over 10 mph, enable handsfree 2-way texting using voice commands.

  “AutoTrakr is the new technologies of car trackers and the benefits are more than the efforts. It has an advanced web-based tracking and 20 times cheaper. It is backed up by Cyren Security and has a lot of benefits. You can track your drivers’ excesses and eliminate waste.  AutoeVantage also has a virtual office solution which is a virtual receptionist doing human jobs and more,” says Atumonyogo.

  There was a demonstration of the car tracker where the destination of a car was displayed every five minutes and one could find out its whereabouts up to 90 days ago.

  Answering question from participants and professionals from auto industry, Professor Christian Ogbu, Professor of InfoTech from University of Science and Technology, California  and Director of iArea Network, the tracker is cost effective and prevents car theft.  

   The advantages, he said, are that; AutoTrakr technology comes with a Nigerian Ditigal Map, down to city and street levels and ensures very accurate reporting on the exact location of any vehicle anywhere in the country within ten metres of accuracy Atumonyogo, said with the advent of AutoTrakr fleet management services in the country, managers can save fleet operating cost, reduce the depreciation of assets, develop regular check list and fleet audit amongst others. He added that with the ability to remotely immobilise, and do geo-fencing, the cases of theft and unauthorized usage of vehicles could become a thing of the past. This would effectively reduce amount of claims paid on insurance substantially, he added.

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