BCX hinges business sustainability on new technology solutions

Ayo Adegboye

Ayo Adegboye

The continued relevance of businesses in the 21st century has been hinged on the adoption of new technologies that are evolving globally.This was the submission of the Business Connexion, an information technology (IT) systems integrator company, with operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
Speaking to newsmen in Lagos, the newly appointed Managing Director (MD) of Business Connexion, Ayo Adegboye, who is the first Nigerian to assume that position in the history of the company in Nigeria, said businesses cannot run from new technologies that are causing disruptions globally including Internet of Things (IoT); 4G/LTE; 5G; cloud computing, among others.
Speaking about the economic recession the country is currently facing, Adegboye said business owners need not panic, provided they allow technology solutions to drive their businesses, which he said are capable of reducing total cost of managing businesses and at the same time helping business owners enjoy economics of scale and business sustainability.
Adegboye however, called on government to diversify the economy by channeling its policies to enhance technology development in the country.“Government needs to come up with strong policies that will turn around the economy, and it must ensure diversification of the Nigerian economy from monolithic economy to diversified and knowledge-based economy. India for instance has been able to catchup with technology by developing software solutions that are used in other parts of the world, and this is a typical example of knowledge-based economy,” Adegboye said.
He argued that for government to achieve knowledge-based economy, it needs to channel its policies to encourage IT development in the country, as well as local content development.He said government also needs to encourage public/private partnership to drive economic growth in the country. Technocrats from the private sector should be engaged in policy formulation that will drive technology development in the country.
BCX, he said has taken an initiative to support businesses in the country with technology solutions that will make businesses enjoy economics of scale and stay alive always.We have developed technology solutions that will help customer save on their CAPEX, he said.
“Today technology is evolving and BCX is at the forefront of business, making sure clients enjoy economics of scale in their business, and we are doing this by taking businesses to the cloud. We are making huge investment in the cloud, and what that translates into is that the SMEs and the big enterprise do not need to invest so much in infrastructure, because we built infrastructure in the cloud for them, and that is the direction of businesses globally,” Adegboye said.
Managing Executive, Business Connexion Nigeria, Jakes Mogale, said business in Nigeria today is about total cost of ownership, which is a concept that will continue to be on the minds of business owners.

“Our concern is to ensure that businesses have the right solution that will enable them do successful business such that their income is far more than their expenditure and BCX has solutions that will address all of that for business owners,” Mogale said.

When we get into a banking environment for instance, we do not only look at what the bank is using for their network infrastructure, but we look at customer interaction and device solution on how the banks can interact more with customers, without the customers crowding banking halls on a daily basis, he added.
General Manager, Services at Business Connexion Nigeria, Emmanuel Akhidenor, said BCX technology solutions are designed to address those challenges that could lead to economic recession. “Our belief is that when companies are doing well in business, it will bring in more money to the economy and the issue of recession will be far of from the Nigerian environment and our solutions are geared towards business sustainability for small and large enterprise,” Akhidenor said.
“Inadequate power supply for instance is a major drawback to businesses and we have to design our solution to fit into the cloud, where power is not an issue,” he added.

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