TUC kicks as NERC plans to raise power tariff this month end

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, has vowed to resist reported plans by electricity distribution companies in the country to increase tariff by 49.4 percent.
The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, has said the new electricity tariffs proposed by the distribution companies for approval by the regulatory agency would be ready for implementation by the end of October.
The agency at its recent public consultation where the proposed new retail electricity rates were jointly reviewed by stakeholders, explained that it would first review the figures presented by the Discos, taking into consideration the diverse views of consumer groups, who were at the consultation before approving any rates.
Its chairman, Dr. Sam Amadi however noted that the new rates would be out and subsequently practical in the sector by the end of October.
Amadi further stated that from the end of October, the country’s electricity sector is expected to operate with new sets of tariff which is considered cost-reflective and capable of attracting investments in the sector.
But TUC, in a statement, described the reported plans as “wrong and lacks human face” especially “In view of the present harsh economic realities in the land”.
According to TUC, a number of proposals have already been submitted to NERC pursuant to this objective.
The statement issued by TUC President, Bobboi Bala Kaigama and Secretary-Genera, Musa Lawal, said: “Why should the masses be at the receiving end of every wrong and retrogressive policy in the country? Why must they always pay for what the rich consume more of? What sense does it make for a man who earns less than N20, 000 per month to be made to pay over N8, 000 for electricity bill alone within the same month?
“Why should they pay so much for what they do not use regularly enough, with officers of the distribution companies rarely bothering to read the analogue metres? Why should these questionable issues that are spared no thought in other climes always take centre stage in Nigeria? Surely, Nigerians deserve a much better deal”.

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