Oba Ewuare 11’s vision to develop Edo State, worthy of emulation — Emuah

Oba Ewuare 11

Oba Ewuare 11

A chartered Architect and Development Expert, Austin Ilenre Emuah, has applauded the Oba of Benin-Kingdom for his foresight and interest in the development of Edo State. He, therefore, appealed to all Edo state indigenes to join hands with Oba Eheneden Ewuare II in his calculated attempt to ensure the rapid development of the State.

Emuah told Palace Watch that the unique approach of Oba Ewuare II to development issues in Edo State might not be too visible to all for now, but with time, Edo people will be grateful that they had an Oba who has foresight.

He said the swiftness with which the Oba unveiled his plans for the kingdom at the coronation ground is not only gratifying, but gives a lot of hope, that the Benin Kingdom will rise again.

Emuah said: “As a development expert, I know what to do, to bring about massive development in any system. If the present plans of His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II, which is centred on Cultural Renaissance that is focused on tourism and the production of arts and crafts, alongside the establishment of the Benin Royal Trust and the Benin Royal Academy for Performing Arts become operational, Benin City and the entire Edo State will once again become the hub of cultural activities in Nigeria.”

Emuah said another area of the Oba’s plan that is worth commending is the proposed reforms in palace administration. He explained that this move is deliberate and calculated at meeting the needs of the average Benin man and woman on the street. Stressing that once the Oba makes a huge success of this traditional system of justice and development, other traditional rulers in Edo State will be left with no other option than to take a cue from the Oba, and the ripple effect of this, will be a better society, where crime and other vices are reduced to the barest minimum.

Emuah said, Oba Eheneden Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin Kingdom displayed the quality of a focused Oba, when without mincing words said, “The Benin people recognised Oduduwa and his origin, but it is not in our place to force this recognition on others outside our boundaries. The history of the world is a shared one and there will certainly be unexpected connections in the future.”

Emuah said that a further proof that the Oba had already done his homework, is his resolve to do all within his powers to transform the Gelegele area of Benin to an export processing zone for agro-allied industrial areas of Edo State.

Oba Ewuare, after whom the new Oba is named, was known as Ogidigan. He ruled the Benin Kingdom in the 15th century.

Oba Ewuare the first, was a magician and warrior, it was under his reign that the Portuguese first had contact with the Benin Kingdom.

He expanded the kingdom, fortified the city of Benin against external aggression by building the moats, conquered 201 villages and introduced many festivals.

Ewuare, the first, is regarded as the greatest Oba in the history of Benin Kingdom. History also recorded that it was during his reign that many tribes such as the Itsekiris, the Urhobos and others left Benin for their new settlement.

The Oba opted to be called Oba Ewuare II, to replicate the deeds of his great grandfather, which only time shall tell.

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  • Ogbe

    The crown in ile ife has its origin from the benin kingdom

    • Dele Awogbeoba

      Ile ife and its crown has absolutely nothing to do with Edo or Benin. I think the Benin have a case of mistaken Identity. For the record, Oduduwa had no intention of ruling Igodomigodo. Oranmiyan ruled there for a short time and then preferred to go back home to Ife than stay in Igodomigodo as King. Oranmiyan later established Oyo and then left his son Ajaka as King in Oyo. Owomika (son to a local at Igodomigodo) was left as king at Ile Ibinu and the decision clearly left him dumb founded.

      • Ogbe



        • Dele Awogbeoba

          No need to lie. The truth (though uncomfortable) sets people free.