You have a great valour

Chidi Okoroafor

Text: Judges 6:1-24.
Key Verse: Judges 6:12, “And the Angel of the Lord appeared unto him and said unto him, the Lord is with me, thou mighty man of valour.” (KJV)

The above Bible text is derived from the event that happened, while Gideon was threshing wheat at a wine press. Here, the Angel of the Lord called Gideon a mighty man of valour. Notice that despite the fact that Gideon had not yet fought and defeated the intimidating Midianites, God already saw the great valour in him. Valour means great courage in the face of danger, especially in a battle. It means to have a daring and bravery spirit.

Are you a believer? If yes, then you are not a loser, for there is greatness in you to win the battles of life. Remember that you are a branch of the True Vine, and Christ is the True Vine (John 15:1-7). Stop looking at yourself with pity and unworthiness. Start now to see the greatness in you through Christ. You can attain greatness in life. You can achieve those plans that seem impossible. Your business can grow into an institution and that great idea in your mind can become a reality. Step out in faith and you shall succeed and it will be amazing to see what God can do through you. You can conquer the world for Christ. You are a peculiar person with a peculiar mission.

Gideon, though a coward at the beginning, turned out a mighty warrior. God used him mightily to deliver Israel from bondage the Midianites have kept them. God changed him to a challenger of false worship and led the nation back to God. Gideon conquered his foes (Judges 7:15-21). He fought the battle against the Midianites with 300 men with only lamps and trumpets. But that was enough to frighten the Midianites out of their wits, and give the victory to God and Israel.

God is looking for a Gideon today – men and women of faith, who are willing to step out and do great things for God. Do not be afraid to confront the challenges because God Has deposited in you the strategies to win the battle. Gideon saw himself as a coward, but unknown to him, that greatness was resident inside of him. God is not looking for perfect people – just people who want to be moulded and made for the Masters Service.

ARE YOU WILLING TO BE A LOAF OF BARLEY BREAD READY TO BE USED IN THE FIGHT AGAINST EVIL? Gideon gives us all hope that we too can be winners, even when we think we are weak and powerless. Through Christ, we can be more than conquerors! Are you a person of Fear or Faith? People of fear make excuses. People of Faith say – HERE I AM SEND ME. Let’s overcome our fears, foes and feelings, and it will amaze us what we can do for God and what He can do for us.

The words that the Angel of the Lord spoke to Gideon greatly boosted his confidence and self-worth. Allow these words that you have read today to do the same to you. Where have you felt like a layback? Is it in your family, marriage, educational pursuit, Christian life, finances, etc.? I announce to you that there is great valour in you. Receive the power to step out in boldness and overcome all those challenges. Keep going; do not give up for after now, comes a great victory.

What you do not know is that you are yet to harness the great potentials God Has deposited in you. You are not useless. There is something in you that your generation, world and contemporaries need. The world is waiting for the manifestation of your valour.
Today’s Nugget: There is greatness in you to overcome every challenge.

Prayer: Lord, by your power, I receive great valour to succeed in Jesus Name, Amen.
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Dr. Chidi Okoroafor, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God Nigeria.

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