There shall be no barren in the land

Ernest Onuoha

God’s word to His people Israel that is still relevant to us today, hinges on hope and encouragement. He reminded His people, as they entered the land that they should behave themselves and serve Him the Lord only and through this, His promise for them shall come to pass. For He says: “no one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land; I will fulfil the number of your days.” The word, “barren” means (of land) too poor to produce much or any vegetation. It can also mean showing no results or achievements, unproductive (like of a woman). It can further mean (of a place or building) bleak and lifeless. However, we can deduce that barrenness, whether of land or person or building or a thing, would attract concern and, therefore, needs God’s intervention.

God’s love for humanity is limitless. Hence, in respect to barrenness, He says: “there shall be no barren in the land.” His Words are to be taken for what it is, for He can never lie. “Has He said a thing and it did not come to pass?” (Isaiah 46:8-11). Therefore, the Bible is replete with passages of reassurance of God dealing with barrenness, (Genesis 4:27, 25:21, 30:1-22, Deuteronomy 7:14, Judges 13:2-3, Psalm 113:9, Isaiah 54:1). To the child of God, this should be reassuring and worthy of thanksgiving unto Him. Notice, our fruitfulness and abundance are His concern.

Consequently, we may have tempting or challenging situations, yet, I announce by the authority of God that somebody’s season of barrenness is over. Barrenness, whether in academics or business or marital life, name them, is over. Just claim it by faith and it will be yours in Jesus name. Amen! Did we not read from the Bible of God’s intervention on behalf of Sarah, “now the Lord was gracious to Sarah, as He had said and the Lord did for Sarah what He had promised. Sarah became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham in his old age; at the very time God had promised him. Abraham gave the name Isaac to the son Sarah bore him,” (Gen. 21:1-3). Also, for Elizabeth, “when it was time for Elizabeth to have her baby, she gave birth to a son. Her neighbours and relatives heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy and they shared her joy,” (Jn. 1:57-58). The same God is at work on your behalf even now. Yes, the word of God says in Isaiah: “do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old,” (Isaiah 43:18), behold I make everything new,” (Revelation 21:5).

People of God, may I sincerely advise at this point that we should not lose hope, for God is still at work and in-charge. Therefore, as we go through this month and this year, let us be reassured of His visitation in our lives and situations. Certainly, His visitation will usher in restoration, as such will lead to unbridled fruitfulness, abundance and overflow from the Throne of Grace. May the Holy Spirit be our guide! Amen.
Ven. Ernest Onuoha
Rector, Ibru International Ecumenical Centre, Agbarha-Otor, Delta State.

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