The pursuit of vision

Prophet Rufus Olawale Ikotun

The connection and connectivity between man and accomplishment, as a continuation of creation, is only possible, when we have the right people in life. Life generally was not designed in isolation or planned for achievement in loneliness. That was why God said, in Gen 2:18 “…it is not good for man to be alone…”

Where there is no vision, the people perish. When there are no people, vision, dreams and aspirations become a mirage. Sometimes, different people have different purpose(s) and assignments in our lives. While some are helpers, others are supporters. Few are multipliers, partners, and encouragers. But many are diminishers, traitors, followers of you (not your vision), pretenders, accusers, discouragers, multitudes, disloyal and independent people, and lots more. But no matter how bad you think they are, or good they may appear to be, they are God sent to your life for a particular purpose.

These are a group of people in your life that are just there, a follower of you. They follow you because of what they can get. They are usually many. They are the multitudes. Many ministers of God suffer this a lot. They believe they have people in their church, but many are a congregation of people looking for selfish satisfactions. They are multitude.

Sometimes ago, in the early days of my ministry, someone gave me a tithe of N5m. I had some people around me that I thought we were doing the ministry together. They wanted me to share the money among the eight of them, so that they can start businesses with it. But I felt we should use the money to buy musical instruments for the church, so that we would at least have good music with which to serve God. I used all the N5m to purchase equipment. And though the equipment was too high for our level then, but can you believe that that is what we are using up till now?

One of those people was angry, saying the money they were supposed to share for business, I used it to buy instrument. He got angry and left. Some others that we used to pray together then, who after the prayer sessions, I gave money, are no longer with me today. These are only followers. They follow you because of what they want, but they are not following your vision.

Jesus Christ suffered the same fate. Wherever He went, the Bible recorded that a multitude followed Him, and they followed Him, even into the wilderness. The time came that they became hungry. The wilderness is not a fruitful place; they thus put Jesus in an unfavourable condition. But by His unfailing grace, the Bible says He fed five thousand, not counting women and children, with five loaves of bread and two fish. Do you know that some people came back some other time? That was when He told them that they all returned because of what to eat.

Jesus performed many miracles. He was with the multitude, when they told Him the daughter of Jairus was dead. She was among the people He called back to life. What about the centurion’s servant? The great question is: where was the multitude, when Jesus was arrested? Those people that ate with Him and benefitted from Him? They were nowhere to be found. It would have been a mistake, if Jesus had taken those people as His own.

Don’t ever make the mistake of taking the multitude as your own. They are around you because you have a purpose you are serving or you are the “MAN” sent to them at that moment.

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