The pursuit of vision – Part 3

Prophet Rufus Olawale Ikotun

Understanding the place and role of people in your vision is very important. Many will take advantage of you and walk away, when they are through with you. Situations of life serve as a cursor for them and direct them to wherever their problems will be solved. They turn you to a doctor. Whenever they are sick, they know the way to you, you will be the most important person to them at that time. Your house, office or church will become a hospital or a clinic for them and no one wishes to stay longer in a clinic or hospital whenever they are okay.

When they are well, the doctor that was yesterday important will not be relevant again. How much can we pay for life? Just appreciate it and be grateful to those that contribute to your existence. Beware of multitude!

Most supporters don’t get committed to you financially. Though some do, but most don’t. The supporters of you are people that believe in you and your vision. They can do anything for you to move forward. They fight for you, when people hurt you they feel hurt and when all go well with you they are pleased. They cheer you up morally on the field of play (If you can remember the supporters club of any football team). They are different from the fans of the team. They may not give you money, but they can spend anything on themselves to give you support. Supporters club sing your praise when you are making it. They are usually glory announcer. They give you words of encouragement and motivate you to continue. This happens because their joy and destiny are tied to your own. If you go down, they will lose their joy. So, they may not be part of your success process, but they will never allow you to fail. You need them. There are people who support you conditionally, because they will never support you if they did not see your result. Without result, there is no support and without support, there will be no fulfillment of dream.

I met some people in my early stage of ministry; they wanted me to be useful for them and them only. They don’t mind locking me in a big apartment, feeding me and paying me. They don’t want me to associate with people; they never connected me to anyone. They gave me money from thousands to millions of Naira. Since they left me, I can’t recall any impact they left except the memories of the money given to me. These kinds of people are Fans; they believe in you but want you to themselves only. Fans can do anything to make you okay, as long as you will not think of anything good except them. They cheer you up so that you can do them proud. They flaunt you as display of pride to others. The truth is, if you stay too long with these kinds of people, you will not go far in life. They are good for the spot, not even for the moment. They are like scaffolding. When you are building a house, especially storey building, you need a scaffold to be mounted around the building as risers. Builders needed them to climb around the wall. At a certain time, they must be done away with. Because when a building is completed and painted, having them around is a misfit. They will disfigure the beauty of the house and make it of no value. These people don’t add any value to you except what you get from them on the spot. Be careful, when you encounter them, you must know when their time is up and discharge them, else, whatsoever you worked for in their presence will be scattered in a split second. You need them, just as ladder.

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