Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s Lust For Power

THE controversy trailing Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s vituperation against President Jonathan should not be seen just in the light of his vocational calling as a revered priest of the Catholic Church, who ought to be wary of dabbling into the murky waters of politics. As a man of God, whose sole duty is to help his flock strike a good

relationship with their Creator, as well as with fellow sojourners in God’s vineyard, he occupies a very sensitive position that requires decorum and recourse to a sense of moderation at all times. Of course, the issue is not whether Fr. Mbaka has the right to criticise President Jonathan or not. As a matter of fact, his status as a priest does not deny him the democratic privilege of expressing his views, especially on burning national issues affecting the well being of all Nigerians.

  The critical factor here is that just less than 40 days after the First Lady participated in Fr. Mbaka’s weekly service at the Adoration ground, at which event the reverend gentleman showered encomiums on her and the husband, Mbaka suddenly turned 360 degrees to denounce Jonathan’s stewardship in extremely strict terms. He did not only express his misgivings, he did so with such hard words that really smacked of vendetta and mischievous intent. That he did so under the cloak of prophecy is a lie that was actually betrayed in his subsequent reactions after he was confronted with an avalanche of criticisms. While I was still trying to come to terms with such radical departure from the positive views he expressed about Jonathan’s track records last November, the true import of his action became clearer, as he attempted to justify his action.

  Rev. Fr. Mbaka felt somewhat honoured after the First Lady voluntarily and without invitation paid him homage at the Adoration ground. He was probably elated and truly venerated by the visit. Now, more and more prominent men are actually recognising the need to come and fall before him to receive special blessings from the true servant of God, who probably wields the uncommon power to influence the outcome of elections by interceding for political aspirants before the throne of the Almighty! The Deputy Senate President did so. Former governor of Imo State, Ohakim Ikedi did so. There were countless other politicians, who also knelt before Fr. Mbaka to seek for spiritual endorsement. Probably, a lot more are waiting to do so, except that things are no longer the same at the moment.

  Some of them were powerful men, who had in the past, incurred the wrath of the reverend gentleman and had learnt some bitter lessons for doing so. Unfortunately for Ohakim, his repentant posturing before the fiery man of God could not pave the way for him to reclaim the throne he wanted so desperately. Sullivan Chime used to be in Mbaka’s good books, but when the lure of power made him too proud to stop paying homage to Mbaka, the priest’s wrath was provoked and Chime suddenly became the butt of sustained criticisms and vilification. Mbaka’s demonisation of the Nwodo and Nnamani families is a well-known ‘singsong.’ After Ohakim bowed before him in penitent humility and submission, Governor Rojas Okorocha suddenly became a very bad man, who does not deserve a second mandate. If wishes were horses, Mbaka would have loved to ride on Ohakim’s horse to the Imo government House, which is now far better than Okorocha’s. Unfortunately for Ohakim, Mbaka had

dealt him a terrible blow with an incurable wound, thanks to the song about a man, who had the temerity to beat a Catholic priest and therefore, consigned permanently to the dustbin of history! 

  Unknown to the First Lady, who also went to seek blessings from the man of God, she proved to be superior to her spiritual mentor by refusing to release her telephone number to Mbaka. What impudence! The arrogance was unbearable, especially after she had received spiritual endorsement for the husband and the coast was made clear for him to win the presidential election! Now Mbaka seems to be the one begging for access to reach her. Worse still, her aides were treating him as if he was no longer the fiery priest, who holds the power to undo the president! 

 He had sought to receive a positive answer for more than two weeks and he was treated with ignominy! “When she came here, I told her to give me her number so that I could give her messages, but thrice she refused. It was later she told one of the pastors with her to give me his number. So, before that message, I had called the number for two weeks but it was always the personal assistant to the pastor that picked the calls.’’

  The First Lady had committed three unpardonable crimes against Mbaka. First, she refused to release her number to him. Second, she instructed one of the pastors with her to release his private number to Mbaka instead of her own. Third, the personal assistant to the pastor and not even the pastor himself was the person who was always answering Mbaka’s calls and was refusing to connect him to the First Lady or even the pastor himself. What more does one need to know about the true events that led to Mbaka’s frustration and subsequent recourse to vendetta? Fully convinced that the First Lady had actually taken him for a ride, Mbaka went for the kill. Now a man, who was a hero few weeks back, suddenly became a villain and a threat to the survival of democracy in Nigeria.       . 

  A few questions deserve to be asked in the light of Mbaka’s statements. Why was he so desperate to speak with the President and the First Lady? If actually he had a prophetic revelation, why was it necessary that he must seek to discuss it with Jonathan? Assuming he had gotten the President on the phone, the likelihood of compromising on the divine message would have been 100 per cent. Was Mbaka living in the moon before November 2014? How come he never knew that Jonathan was a bad president until December 2014? What major tragic event took place between November and December 2014, which suddenly threw up the ugly sides of Jonathan? Was it because the First Lady treated Mbaka with ignominy? Of course, Mbaka would have acted otherwise, if the First Lady had been picking his calls and answering him with humility and reverence.

   It is logical to assume that after Mbaka failed to reach the First Lady, having been treated with ignominy, he became frustrated and somewhat slighted and therefore, resorted to vendetta under the cloak of prophecy. It is not only political power that corrupts. Spiritual power over people can also corrupt in more absolute terms, especially when those wielding it begin to use it as a means of settling scores or for ulterior motives.

Chris Nonyelum, Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Lagos. 07066757233

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