Repent and be converted

Apostle Paul Taiwo Adenuga is President, Faith Revival Apostolic Church and Apostle Paul Gospel Outreach

People running the Christian race are tired because they have been deceived with heresies against the original message. There is a way out and God will restore you back to the right path to witness His power and greatness.

The only way out is to renew your relationship with God. Many that confess Jesus believe they are better than those who haven’t, but they forget that we are all created by the same God and the only difference is that you have confessed and have truly repented from your sins.

All the unholy acts that made God abandon us must be repented from because that is why Jesus came so that we can meet God’s standard and, therefore, be called His children.

In the world today, many people are frustrated. They ask such questions as: “If God exists, why did He allow this evil to happen to me?” God cannot permit any evil to befall His children, but you are the one to move closer to Him.

Many people prefer to search for job rather than God. If you can search for job, what will it cost you to seek God? To be on a safe side, Acts 3:19 says: “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.” To repent means to feel and show that you are sorry for bad or wrong doings. To convert means to change into a different form or to change, so that it can be used for a different purpose or in a different way. Refreshing means making you feel stronger, less tired or more alert.

Back in the days, I took my father for granted and whenever he instructed me to do something at home, I felt because he’s my father, I could do contrary. At night, when he came with cane to reprimand me, I would run to the elders and people in the community to help beg my father not to punish me. My father honoured and pardoned. This attitude continued, until a particular day, when my father told the elders, “You come every time and tell me not to punish my son, and I listened. But today, I ask you to also beg my son to obey my instructions.” The elders advised me to stop every form of disobedience. And from then, I reasoned with the elders and stopped being disobedient.

The same applies to Christians, who go before God begging Him every time. The Word of God is also begging you today to repent and obey God. Don’t be a disobedient Christian that takes God for granted with the thinking that He is full of mercy. Our God is not One to allow you to die in your disobedience. When you give your life to Jesus and repent, refreshing time comes automatically.

Stop questioning God, all He wants from you is just to repent and be converted and when you’re converted, refreshing time will come from His presence. There’s no power on earth that can hinder refreshing time from coming into your life. But you need to take the necessary steps. See yourself as a sinner, and humble yourself. Do not go with the crowd believing God takes us as we are. It’s not possible for God to take you as you are. It’s a wrong message. Refreshing time turns your pain into testimony. May the Lord give you strength to accept this message. It shall be well with your soul.

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