Power Against Destructive Dreams (7)



IN this final part of our examination of destructive dreams, we will continue to look at the kinds of dreams we have that we should not ignore, as well as things we need to do to protect ourselves from the effects of such dreams.

• Wearing A Black Hat, Scarf Or Other Headgear – Dreaming that you are wearing something black on your head means there is a demonic authority over your life.

• Nakedness- Dreaming that you are naked in a public place means the enemy wants to fire at you with the arrow of shame. You have to be very careful and watch where you go and whom you speak with, because there is something good about your life that the enemy wants to overturn.

• Wearing Rags – Dreaming that you are wearing rags is a sign of complete poverty in every area of your life.

• Roaming The Market – The market is the final destination for mad people. Once a mad man gets to the market, then that is the end for them.

• Carrying Load Without Knowing Its Contents

• Hair – If you are a woman and you dream of someone playing with or cutting off your hair or you find that your hair has been shaved off or you have gone bald, then that is a sign of destruction.

• Swimming – If you ordinarily cannot swim and you dream of yourself swimming, it means you are under the control of marine powers.

• Slave Labour – If you dream that you are working as a slave in a farm or in a home, then it means that the enemy wants to demote your destiny to the lowest of the low.

What is our protection against these destructive dreams? We need to draw a circle of Jesus’ blood around ourselves and our surroundings all the time. We must also cancel what needs to be cancelled and reverse what needs to be reversed. We must be spiritually alert and reverse what the enemy has done in our lives. We should pray fervently against the seed of the enemy that has been planted in our lives because if it is not removed, many will suffer from their cradle to their grave. Many sicknesses that people are battling right now were planted without their knowledge while asleep. However, for you to be able to conquer the enemy and prayerfully reverse the effects of the destructive dreams on your life, you must surrender your life to Jesus. If there is anything in your life that should not be there and does not glorify Jesus, ask God to remove it, paralyse and destroy your enemy permanently. The Lord has the ability to place His hand anywhere on your body and remove anything that does not belong there. He can deliver you from satanic cages. The only condition is that you walk in obedience and yield yourself totally to Him.

Pastor Ogunorunyinka is the General Overseer,
The Promisedland Restoration Ministries, Surulere, Lagos.

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