Overcoming Discouragement

Bishop Olanrewaju Obembe

Bishop Olanrewaju Obembe

Joshua 1:9 “Have not 1 commanded thee? BE STRONG AND OF A GOOD COURAGE; be not afraid, NEITHER BE THOU DISMAYED; for THE LORD THY GOD IS WITH THEE whithersoever thou goest”.

ONE negative force that the enemy employs to stop men and women of great potential is discouragement. To be discouraged means to lose hope and retard the momentum for pursuing a noble cause. It is a state of losing courage and not expecting something good from a negative situation. Just like Dr. Billy Graham said, “discouragement is no respecter of persons, status, age or gender”.

It is amazing how in spite of their popularity, many celebrities lost hope and terminated their own lives because of discouragement. It is shocking to also note that Prophet Elijah’s ministry was brought to an abrupt end because of discouragement. The great prophet, who called down fire, stopped rain for three years and destroyed the lives of Baal idol worshippers suddenly got to that place in his life that he wanted to die. He asked God to kill him (1 Kings 19:4). He ran away from the threat of an ordinary Jezebel woman.

He refused to go on and God asked him to anoint Elisha to take over his ministry. Discouragement stops men from pursuing their dreams. It destroys enthusiasm and retards the pace for any meaningful achievement. In commissioning Joshua into Leadership, God asked him to be courageous and never be dismayed. Moses in his valedictory speech to Joshua told him never to be discouraged in taking various territories for the Israelites. Joshua took this instruction seriously, as he fought many battles and took the cities for the Israelites.

It is not enough to start any project, but the courage or the drive to go on must be sustained. Only courageous men make history and affect civilisation positively. Thomas Edison had performed experiments TEN THOUSAND TIMES to generate electricity. He was asked why he kept on trying to generate electricity when it did not work. He replied that he believed he must affect his generation by developing an electricity system that will enhance subsequent civilisation. Spirit of courage is needed everywhere in the secular, as well as in the Kingdom of God. It was said that the current President of Nigeria had contested four times before he succeeded. President Abraham Lincoln of America also tried several times before he succeeded. Quitters don’t win, but WINNERS WILL NEVER QUIT.

Out of several thousands of people that left Egypt, ONLY TWO PEOPLE (CALEB and JOSHUA) made the Promised Land. In Numbers 14:24 “these two people had “ANOTHER SPIRIT” – the spirit of courage that never gives up”. At a point in King David’s life, he woke up to find out that everything he owned (wives, children, properties, etc.) had been carried away by the Amalakites. He subsequently encouraged himself in the LORD (1 Samuel 30). He pursued his enemies, overtook them and recovered all. Whoever you are and whatever you are going through, you are too close to your breakthrough than when you first started. In life, you will be confronted with prophets of doom, dream mockers, negative criticism, but rise up, be focused and never be discouraged. Hebrews 10:35 “CAST NOT AWAY THEREFORE YOUR CONFIDENCE, WHICH HATH GREAT RECOMPENSE OF REWARD”. Friend, repose your confidence in the Almighty God afresh, stand against the spirit of discouragement and praise God in your circumstance. You will surely get to your destination.

PRAYER: Father God, I stand on the authority of Your Word. I refuse to be discouraged. In JESUS Mighty Name, I bind and cast out the demon of discouragement. I am a winner in Christ JESUS. I go forward and no room for retardation and discouragement. JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD.

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