Ministers Conference: Cleric Warns Pastors To Desist From Preaching Prosperity, Deliverance

THE President, All Black Churches in the United Kingdom and General Overseer, Christian Faith Tabernacle (CFT) Int’l Churches, Apostle Alfred TB Williams has prophesied a shake in the government of nations in this 2015, stating that many seats of government would be changed. 

He also gave a stern warning to pastors to deviate from the trend that has overwhelmed the modern church, which is the preaching of prosperity and deliverance, saying that the trend has perverted the house of God and pastors who do not stop the act in this year would face the judgment and wrath of God.  

  Speaking at the Prophetic Voice Ministers’ (PVM) Conference in Lagos on Thursday, Williams, who claims to have foretold the advent of Boko Haram insurgency 14 years ago and prophesied the terrorist attack on France on December 31, 2014 said that God revealed to him that many government will be replaced in Africa, Europe, America and the rest of the world this year. 

  He said that the governments that will eventually emerge would be welcomed and very much celebrated by the people but will, however, bring so many to book as they go on.

  Revealing that governments of America, Britain and France would be changed, Williams said that the reason for the change is because of the evil many of them have done. 

  Reading from the book of Habakkuk 2:6 down, he said that all those who have made themselves wealthy by extortion, stealing and looting government’s money will not go scot-free this year, adding that the King of Heaven cannot contain anymore and will surely pass judgment on them.

  Speaking to pastors, Williams warned them to centre their messages on the word of God, love for God and how to make heaven.

  He lamented that the blueprint being witnessed in the church now is no more Christianity, adding, “it has been perverted long time ago; prosperity preaching has perverted the house of God.’

  He said that the doctrine of prosperity came from the United States of America, and that of deliverance came from Nigeria to pollute the world. Williams noted that these doctrines have made many pastors liars and have drawn them closer to hell.

  He warned them saying: “unjust wealth invokes the wrath of God. Pastors who preach prosperity, tell church members to donate xyz and that ‘God says a certain number of church members should donate a certain amount of money,’ collect multiple offering and charge another church when invited to programmes are all messengers of hell and are already in hell.”

  Disclosing that the judgment of God has started in the church this year, he urged them to turn away from these evil and seek the face of God.  

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