Making The Best Of The Moment

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them (Romans 8:28).

SOME of the greatest leaders in the history of mankind have emerged in times of uncertainty. Think about Franklin Roosevelt and the great depression. Perhaps his tenure as president of America would have passed unnoticed, if he hadn’t found himself in the middle of the greatest economic crisis his country had ever faced, and if he hadn’t found the creative capacity to surmount it. What about Winston Churchill? Maybe the courage and great speeches that rallied a nation facing annihilation would have been dormant in a period of stability, and Churchill would have been just another Prime Minister.

It took the civil war that followed the emancipation proclamation to bring out the finest qualities of leadership in Abraham Lincoln, just as Gowon, who assumed leadership in a time of crisis, attained renown by not only ending the war, but also building the foundation for modern Nigeria. And just maybe Nelson Mandela would have lived out his years as an obscure lawyer in the heart of Johannesburg, if he hadn’t been faced with the challenge and repression that characterised the apartheid regime. Now, this is not saying there is anything wrong with living in a quiet and peaceful period, but the fact is challenges often provide opportunities for proving leadership acumen.

“Creation,” someone said, “comes not from stasis but from unpredictable movement.” Experts have argued that chaos is an important condition for innovation. Difficult situations force us to consider new ways and ideas of solving existing problems. Chaos, when properly handled, definitely brings clarity to leadership. So, for a system to survive and excel in trying times like we are going through right now, both the leaders and the led must possess the requisite attitude. We must be adaptive and flexible, open to learning and re-learning, be calm and decisive, and allow communication to be free and effective. Furthermore, to make the best of the situation will require that the best of minds be engaged across the divides, regardless of religious, ethnic or political affiliation. Most importantly, however, we should maintain a positive attitude at every level and sustain hope.

Today like never before affords us, as Nigerians, the opportunity to reevaluate the way we have always done things and innovate new ways of solving our problems. One thing is sure; we need to make the best of the moment to achieve a greater tomorrow. To assume the old ways of doing things will remain, will be an aberration. Every good foundation requires two things: the will of the people and the time to build it. So, let us be resolute in our determination to push this nation forward, and be patient with one another in order to achieve this noble goal.

Nigeria Has A Great Future

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