Inspiration for writing hymnal is different, says Albert



A Nigerian cleric has composed and arranged a Christian hymnal consisting of about 308 songs. The hymnal, which has been registered with the Nigeria Copyrights Commission, is being promoted on the stable of Arojah World of Spiritual Entertainment Ltd.

Unveiling the book to the media recently in his Ketu office, the author, the Primate and Spiritual Head of St. Peter’s Cherubim and Seraphim Band with headquarters in Iwopin Ogun Waterside Local Government Area and branches in Lagos and overseas, Apostle Samson Albert (Arojah), said the hymnal is a musical work that took two decades to accomplish, adding that the first hymnal, Arojah 001 (Mo Juba Olodumare) was composed in 1997. He said Arojah Hymnal was composed solely for the spiritual growth and development of the peoples of the world, as the hymns are divinely inspired.

On how he got the inspiration to write the hymnal, Apostle Albert said: “I was specifically instructed to go the beach, where one will readily see the beauty of God, as you are there alone without wife or children distracting you. So, inspiration will certainly come. If you are there on God’s directive, He will reveal certain things to you. I got most of the inspiration from the beach and nothing is attached to it.”

On why the book was written in Yoruba language, the Primate, who spoke to the media alongside members of the church, said: “that is my language. Yoruba language is one of the most powerful languages and it helps to keep intruders at bay.”

Recalling how the pre-1997 hymns was stolen, he said: “Painful is the fact that there were pre-1997 hymns that got stolen. That I did not give in to despondency results in the composition of Arojah Hymnal. I welcome your praises, as well as critical analysis, and I make bold to say that not a line in any of these hymns was lifted from any other hymnal composition, be it secular or religious.

“We are open to other Christian denominations, and even people of other faith, who are desirous of using or adopting the hymnal or portions of it. We acknowledge the contributions of other Christian denominations to the growth and development of the gospel, as this is our own contribution. Our research has shown that no other author of hymns has to his or her credit registered hymns that are more than 100. But here today, God Almighty has given the honour to my humble self, a Nigerian, the exclusive right to 308 hymns,” he said.

On the future of Nigeria, Albert called on President Buhari to be focused and listen to quality advice from well meaning Nigerians, which according to him would help in shaping the country.

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