God calls us to glory and virtue

Prophet S K Abiara

Simon Peter, a servant and Apostle of Jesus Christ, to those who with us have a part in the same holy faith in the righteousness of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.  May grace and peace ever be increasing in you, in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord; Because by his power he has given us everything necessary for life and righteousness, through the knowledge of him who has been our guide by his glory and virtue; And through this he has given us the hope of great rewards highly to be valued; so that by them we might have our part in God’s being, and be made free from the destruction which is in the world through the desires of the flesh”-2 Peter 1:1-4.

APOSTLE Peter, in the above texts, wants us to understand the power of God, which no power can resist, because it is divine. This divinity has endowed us with the gifts of Holy Spirit. This was communicated to the apostles, to enable them bring men to life and godliness, which includes complete knowledge of the doctrines of the Gospel; power to preach and defend their doctrines in suitable language, which their adversaries were not able to gainsay or resist; wisdom to direct them on how to behave in all cases, where and when to labour; and the matter suitable to all different cases, and every variety of persons. Also, the miraculous powers, so that on all proper and necessary occasions, they could work miracles for the confirmation of their doctrines and mission.

What does life and godliness in this regard imply? God, by His own power, hath bestowed on us everything necessary for a happy life and godliness, having called us to the knowledge of Himself, by His own infinite goodness, to express the perfection of the Divine nature: That ye may show forth the virtues or Perfections, of him who hath called you from darkness into his marvellous light.

By His own glorious power, He hath freely given unto us exceeding great and invaluable promises. The Jews were distinguished in a very particular manner by the promises, which they received from God: the promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and the prophets. God promised to be their God; to protect, support, and save them; to give them what was emphatically called the Promised Land; and to cause the Messiah to spring from their race. St. Peter intimates to these Gentiles that God had also given unto them exceeding great promises; indeed all that he had given to the Jews, the mere settlement in the Promised Land exempted; and this also he had given in all its spiritual meaning and force, the valuable promises, those which came through the great price; enrolment with the church of God, redemption in and through the blood of the cross, the continual indwelling influence of the Holy Ghost, the resurrection of the body, and eternal rest at the right hand of God. It was of considerable consequence to the comfort of the Gentiles that these promises were made to them, and that salvation was not exclusively of the Jews.

• Prophet (Dr.) Abiara is General Evangelist, CAC Worldwide

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