Evidence of wrong relationship – Part 1

Decision they say determines destiny. Nothing can be truer than this statement. Choosing the right partner or a wrong one determines what becomes of you, your future and your destiny. Your destiny is shaped by your decisions; your decision will either make or mar your life. The choice of who to marry is such a critical one for a single man and lady. Destiny is the total sum of what you choose or refuse. Success, be it marital, career or financial is largely determined by your decision. You make a decision, and your decision eventually make you.

Relationship is not by force, it is by choice. If you really want to have a blissful marriage and a successful home, then you need to pay a close attention to what God has in store for you in this series. Many around the world today are going through hell on earth because of the kind of marriage they find themselves. Many today wish they were never married. Many wished they had listened to the right counsel. Many wished they are not married to the person they got married to.

Hell On Earth
A young man went to a man of God for counseling. He told the pastor that he wanted to divorce his wife, and the pastor told him if he did that, he would spend his eternity in hell. The young man said he was no longer afraid of hell, because according to him, he has been in hell for years. That is to say his home has been like hell on earth. While a blissful marriage is like heaven on earth, on the other hand, a troubled home is like hell on earth. God has not designed anyone to have problem in their marriages. The Bible makes us understand that God has a good plan for us— a plan of peace not of calamity and to give us our expected end {Jer. 29v11}

What do you expect in your home? How do you want your home to be? Another heaven on earth or hell fire? It is in your hands, the choice is yours. You are the architect of your marital destiny.

Your Destiny Is In Your Hands
Many years ago, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke told us the story of an old man who has never made a mistake in his entire life. He was getting ready to go to his grave with that clean record, when a young man decided to destroy his unbeatable record. The young man purposed that he was going to ensure that this old man make at least one mistake in his lifetime. The young man then took a living butterfly and hid it in his fist and proceeded to the old man. On getting there, he asked the old man to tell him what he had in his hand. The old man replied that it was a butterfly, the young man was amazed, but finally and more importantly, he asked the old man to tell him whether the butterfly was dead or alive. His aim was that if the old man says the butterfly was alive, he would squeeze it to death, but if the man said the butterfly was dead, then he will spare it alive.

Whichever way, he was determined that the old man must make a mistake at least for the very first time. The old man in great amazement about this riddle by a small boy walked up and down, and everybody was expecting a quick answer. But the old man was not in haste. He finally opened his mouth and said: “it is in your hands, if you like you can squeeze it to death and if you like you can keep it alive.” The boy was flabbergasted at the display of the old man’s wisdom. That is exactly how your destiny is; it is in your hands. Your legs go the way you want it to go. If you do not like what is happening in your life, you have all it takes to change them. We must not forget the adage that says, “As we lay our bed so we must lie on it”. You are the one that determines the kind of home you will have. You can decide to have a blissful marriage and you can also decide to do otherwise.
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