Breaking limitations

There was something about God that David understood that is yet to be understood by the modern day generation. From the scripture, the psalmist understood very well and said, “The Lord strong and might, the Lord might in battle.” These scriptures established something very powerful, which are clearly stated in three hard facts.

1. The Lord is a Man of War: God whom you serve, whom I serve, God whom all believers serve is not a civilian. He is a solder. Meaning that if He is not a civilian and He is a soldier, you and I
Cannot be civilian in the spirit. We must be soldiers; we must be warriors in the spirit. Jesus spoke to a demon possessed man and He Commanded the demons to depart from him. He noticed some resistance on their part and Later asked what their name is. They replied that their names are legions meaning if the demons could declare that they are soldiers. What then do you declare yourself to be? You and I as His followers should be soldiers.

2. Anointing to Fight a War: There is an anointing of War that God gives to His children to Fight their battles. So our Lord is a righteous, Skilled and expert warrior. He understands all the strategies of the enemy. He is a might and terrible warrior. He can deploy inanimate objects to terrify the enemy.

Pray This powerful prayer; Every Creation of the Almighty God turn against my Stubborn enemies in the name of Jesus!
Our Lord is a victorious and a prevailing warriors. When our Lord gives summon to His Creation, everything in the arsenal is used to Fight its cause. Look at this strange scripture in Isaiah 7:18 when our Lord gives summons, all creatures follow instantly. Be it a beast,fire hailstone, snow,winds,frogs or Locusts, just let Him hiss and they will Fight their cause.

3. Our Lord is an incomparable warrior ( job 9:4):our Lord has influence and authority and nobody and nothing can influence,stop or equal His command. Riches cannot profit not in the days of the Lord’s anger. Money cannot bribe Him in the day of His anger. Many have been overcome by Him but none have ever prospered against him. He knows the counsel of the enemy even in their bedroom. He always catches the wise in their craftiness, He  Laughs them to scorn. He makes  them falls like dust. None can escape or discern His arrows.

You cannot force Him to fear because He is a man of war. Is there any battle going on against you? In your daily endeavors, do you notice a blockage? To eat is war,to study is a war, to sleep is a war,to conceive is a war etc. You notice that what takes others to accomplish comes easily, but for you it is difficult. You may not be aware of the war. You may even say you have no problem, but war has been declared against you. Under the anointing of the Lord as a man of war,no power can overcome you. When there is war, there is noise. All kinds of things happen at the war front.

WHAT TO DO: Recognize the Lord as the man of war and then connect to Him. your battle will fizzle out immediately. He did it for countless of patriarchs in the Bible and He has done it for several people that we can testify to. Yours is not different If you submit totally to Him, hearken diligently and obey His command. Accept Him as your Lord and personal savior today. Submit totally unto Him and obey His commandments.

Prayer Rain:
1. Power sending battle to me, oh God arise; send the battles back to them in the name of Jesus!
2. Every battle assigned  to make me fail back fire in the name of Jesus!
3. Anti-favour battle, I’m not your candidate; back fire in the name of Jesus!
4.masquerades of darkness pursuing me with sickness in my dream, die in the name of Jesus!
5. Power of resurrection (3ce), fall upon my life and destiny In the name of Jesus!
6. Every rat of witchcraft in my family, die in the name of Jesus!
7. Angels of war, terminate the boasting of my enemies in the name of Jesus!
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