Be Ye Holy (2)

Memory Verse:“…I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be… perfect.”   Genesis 17:1b

Scripture: Psalm 24:3-10


LAST week, we started teaching on why believers must be holy and the attendant benefits of holiness. Today, we shall conclude the lesson. 

More Benefits Of Holiness

 There are many more rewards of holy living. One is answered prayers. God is always ready to answer our prayers. But our lifestyle and interpersonal relationship with friends, neighbours, family and even strangers can be the only hindrance to answered prayers and supplications. Spouses need to be considerate in their everyday dealing with their partners and both parties must deal with each other respectfully, in fairness and courteously, or answers to their respective prayers might be hindered, 1Peter 3:7-10, Lk.1: 13, Ps.34: 15-17. 

 Also our future is in God’s hands, Is.3:10, Jer.29:11. Holiness goes ahead into our future and neutralises attacks even before they arise. A man that fears and obeys God will enjoy divine health, Ex.15:26. He will also enjoy supernatural provision from El-Shaddai, the God who is more than enough, and Ps.92: 12. The cup of the holy will always overflow, Ps.23: 5, Dt.28: 1-2.

 Lastly, the holy will be victorious, promoted and endowed with supernatural anointing. Do what is right before God and it will be well with you and you will take possession of all the real estate that He promised your forefathers, Deut. 6:18, Dt.28: 7; Heb.1: 9.

It Is Impossible For God To Sin 

 God, by His very nature and word, two unchangeable things, cannot lie or deceive, Hebrews 6:18. If two do not agree, they cannot walk together, Amos 3:3. God cannot condone sin because everything about Him is holy. Christians are, therefore, commanded to be perfect in holiness, body, soul and spirit at all times and under all circumstances. Our glorious God lives in holiness. His throne is holy. The angels around Him are holy and holiness is their song. In fact, He also lives in a holy city. Rom.6: 19, 22; 2 Cor.7: 1, Eph.4: 24, 1 Thess.4: 7, Ex.15: 11, Ps.47: 8, Rev.14: 10, Rev.4: 8, Rev.22: 19.


 A nation that fears God and lives righteously shall be exalted. Disobeying God’s instructions will lead to divine rejection and eternal condemnation, 1 Sam.15:22-23, Rev.22:14-15, Pro. 14:34. Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. God will keep the reproach, shame, disgrace, humiliation and destruction of sin far from you in Jesus’ name. 


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