Be Ye Holy (1)

ADEBOYEMemory Verse:But as He which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; – 1 Peter 1:15 

Bible Passage: Psalm 15:1-5


God’s wish for the beloved Gaius, that above all things, he prospers and enjoys good health, body soul and spirit goes beyond the intended primary beneficiary. It is meant for every believer, who is full of good works and walks in truth, 3 Jn.2. God’s storehouse is full of blessings prepared for His children. His thoughts towards us are good and not of evil. However, to enjoy the abundant benefit of these blessings, He demands that we be holy like Him, Ps. 84:11.

Believers Must Be Holy

  Our God is a holy God and He commands every believer to be perfect in His sight 1 Peter 1: 15-16. As He is holy, also be holy in all your words, thoughts, action and motives. God desires to use believers as His chosen vessels to reach sinners; hence, believers must be holy. Holiness is necessary for a believer to do exploits and do even greater works than Jesus did. Sinners cannot fellowship with a holy God. The believer must be holy in order to see God, Eph.1: 4; Gen.17: 1; 1 Jn.1: 3-7; Jn.14: 12. Every true believer will do everything He did and more because He has gone to the Father and there is so much work to be done.

Benefits Of Holiness 

  A holy believer receives classified information from God. God builds a wall of protection around such a believer. He will be at peace with himself, all men and even his foes. He will receive divine provision and long life. He will enjoy God’s presence and eternal life, Amos 3:7; Gen. 18:12-21; Pro.18: 10; Pro.16: 7; Job 11:10; 1 Kgs.5: 1-4; Pro.3: 1-2; Pro.4: 10; Pro.9: 10-11 The fear of the Lord is the very beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of holiness is understanding. His days will be multiplied and his years will increase.


  The benefits of holiness are inexhaustible since God cannot be separated from His holiness. Living holy must be the deepest craving of the heart of a true believer, day by day. No good thing will be withheld from anyone who walks uprightly. Cast your lot and your burden on Jesus for He loves and cares for you more than you can ever imagine. It is well with you in Jesus name.

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