Activating and releasing your gifts and talents


Supernaturally Fitted
One of the ways God prepares us to serve Him better is to endow us with gifts and talents. We all are supernaturally equipped to fulfil our God-ordained destiny. Paul wrote to Timothy urging him to stir the gifts of the Spirit that was in him (1 Tim. 4:14; 2 Tim.1: 6). The Bible says, “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men” (Prov.18: 16).

God gives the gifts of the Spirit to us, when we are born again, while talents are in-bred in us from birth. Talents are skill-related, while gifts are service-related. Every one of us must take time to develop his/her gifts, talents and skills. They are meant for kingdom service and to support us through life.

Prepared For Life
A look at God’s servants in the Scripture shows that they were all uniquely wired by God to fulfil His purpose on the earth. Right in our DNA, we are equally wired with divine features that have prepared us for life.

Moses was a shepherd, when God called him. When it was time for God to send him to Pharaoh, the only thing he had was his shepherd’s crook, which God used. God starts with what we have to bring us to public service and recognition. God used the rod in Moses’ hand to launch him into the ministry.

When the tabernacle was to be built, God specially endowed Aholiab and Bezalel with special abilities of wisdom, knowledge and artistry (Num.31: 1-6).
When Joseph was given dreams of what his future would look like, he was also endowed with gifts that were to help him actualise his dreams. He was gifted with wisdom, knowledge and the ability to interpret dreams. God used these gifts to make him ascend in life. His gifts made a way for him to ascend from the Pit to the Prison and to eventually become the Prime Minister in Egypt (Gen.41: 9-15).

God used Daniel’s gift of interpreting dreams to lift him to prominence in Babylon. He was described as a man, who possessed an excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, and the ability to interpret dreams, solve riddles and explain enigmas. These gifts equipped him for the role he was to play in life (Dan.5: 11, 12).

David was probably born with a trait of courage. However, as a shepherd boy, his courage for extraordinary feats grew, as he encountered and killed wild animals. He must have developed the skill for the harp in the process of shepherding animals. Then, when Samuel anointed him, he activated his latent gifts. God eventually used David’s skill and love for music to launch him into prominence and bring him before King Saul and eventually to confront Goliath (1 Sam.16: 14-23).

When Jesus called Peter, he was a frustrated fisherman; but little did he know how far God was going to use him in furthering his kingdom. His decision to follow Christ marked a turnaround in his life. Though Peter denied the Master three times and backslid after the death of Jesus, he was forgiven and restored after Jesus’ resurrection. This same Peter was anointed on Pentecost day and won three thousand souls. All through the Acts of the Apostles, Peter was in the limelight, as a miracle worker.

There is power in prophetic impartation. The gifts of the Spirit can be imparted by the laying on of hands, as was done in the Bible. Those who want to operate the gifts of the Spirit must seek God earnestly to grant them the gifts.

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