21 strategies to overcome marital delay -Part 3

Solomon Ojigiri

Develop Good and Godly Character
I heard of a lady who was a computer operator in a very good company. The computer was bad, and they needed an engineer to fix it. The messenger said he could get a good engineer to do that. Somehow, the computer engineer was attracted to the computer operator (a lady). As the love was gradually growing, he decided to find out some things from the messenger, because he knew the man very well. He made enquiries or investigations about the lady from the messenger and guess what happened? The messenger said the lady was an angel, humble, well behaved, gentle, caring, very respectful, generous, industrious and ever smiling. Do you fit into these descriptions? Without wasting further time, the computer engineer proposed marriage to the lady and they eventually got married. So, we must understand that we thrive on people’s recommendation. Never think you will never need the recommendation of people around you. Others are watching you, and people are observing you more than you can ever imagine. Work on your character, because it is your greatest collateral. It is your greatest asset.

In our days, many are only concerned with charisma (gifts and talents) and they pay no attention to their character. Your character is who you are. Those who are sensible and well guided will not marry you just because of what you do, but for whom you are, that is, your personality. Work on your weaknesses, and be willing to change.

Avoid character that can close doors against you, because though charisma can open the door for you, but only good character keeps it open. Avoid gossiping, backbiting, pride, use of insulting languages, selfishness, moodiness, etc.

In Genesis 24, Abraham mandated his eldest servant to look for a wife for his son Isaac, not among the Canaanites, but among his own people. Abraham’s servant asked God for a damsel that would not only give them water, but would as well provide for their donkeys. In other words, he prayed for a woman with good character — a hospitable, caring, thoughtful and kind woman, which he found in Rebekah. Many young ladies would have failed such test today. But Rebekah passed the test, she gave Abraham’s servant water and without hesitating, she also fetched water for their donkeys.

I heard the testimony of Pastor Joel Osteen, the senior Pastor of the Lakewood Church in Houston Texas, U. S. A. He went to a store to buy battery for his wristwatch, and the lady that attended to him was so nice. He later found out that she was a committed and dedicated Christian. He was so moved by her hospitable and amiable character that he did not only buy a battery, but another wristwatch. And eventually, he got married to the lady.

It is not enough to marry a child of God or someone who claims to be one. You must open your eyes very well and consider the attitudes or the lifestyle of that person. You need to exercise patience, and you must not be in haste, if you really want to know the character flaws. It is true that many people can pretend, but not for too long. No wonder Dr. Myles Munroe of blessed memory said, “marry in haste, regret at leisure.” I pray that you will not suffer regret in Jesus name.

According to Dr. Billy Graham, if you lost money you have lost nothing, if you lose your health you have lost something, but if you lose your character, you have lost everything. Therefore, character is everything. Make up your mind to work on your character today. A better you can emerge from today. You can become responsible, faithful, loyal, diligent, courteous, respectful, humble, joyful and full of enthusiasm, the choice is yours. Work on your character today.
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