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nigerian-studentsWith the economic depression biting hard, many people, including students, are looking for ways to cushion its effects without partaking in crimes. While some are engaged in forms of small-scale legitimate businesses to make money, a few are creatively using their pastime to teach people from different social status different forms of exercises to keep fit and remain healthy. Doing this automatically turns them to exercise instructors or keep fit coaches.

While this venture may not sound too fantastic for the frail and sickly, those studying physical education or courses that have to do with body-building may jump at it, seeing it as opportunity to show off their aerobic and gymnastic prowess and at the same time making some money.

With the holidays over, some people will return to school or their offices adding weight, as a result of the different food they had eaten and lack of exercise. This weight gain makes some men and ladies look plump and flabby and may, therefore, need a keep-fit lesson or group to help them shed the fat. So, outside being a coach or exercise instructor one still needs to be on the lookout for those that need keep fit services in the neighborhood or elsewhere to keep the business going.

You may take such people on early morning or evening exercises, road walks or even engage them on one-on-one basis.Some ladies may not feel at home flaunting their shapes in body hugging sportswears, such clients would be better handled at home under special arrangements and the fee is usually worth the troubles. While the other group would readily accept any sports wear. As an instructor, you are to consider different category of people, if you want to remain in business.

You do not need a gymnasium to start. Ones you have the prerequisite knowledge of how to take people of different ages on exercises without causing body harm to them, you are on the go. Though, one may need space in the neighborhood to run around and, sometimes, light weights for bodybuilding and weight shed, it should be noted that all the materials to be used could easily be improvised. But if one insists on acquiring fairly used ones, with N20,000 to N40,000, you get all. You can also improvise the skipping rope, where there is none.

The advantage of indoor exercises is that the client can easily receive help in times of emergencies. But if you must go on road walk, do not do it on busy roads.

Having started, you can organise a membership club, have customised sportswears and even a particular location for training or practice. The advantage of this is that, it would enable people in your neighborhood to identify with you and join, as such swell your company.

In most cases, the membership angle comes with registration, of course, club registration with the appropriate authorities. Whatever the case, do not allow this to scare you from going into this venture, as the saying goes: ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

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