School Concert Uncovers Budding Talents Beyond Academics


Pupils of Maxwell school performing during their music day last week …in Lagos

In a bid to promote the appreciation of music and bring out the latent talent in young children, Marzwell Schools organized its first musical concert aimed at achieving that goal.

The concert which held at the K&G event centre, Ikeja witnessed school children dressed in bold and matching attires to depict their musical presentations which includes Western and African Orchestra, Salsa, Ballet and hip-hop dances and contemporary band presentations.

Speaking at the event, Proprietress of the school, Mrs. Omotayo Ajanaku said that every activity cannot be academics as kids have to be shown others spheres of life.

When you teach a child right and how to follow his/her passion and dream, then the sky is their starting point. Looking at the entertainers you see today who are making it big, when these kids combine it with the sound education then, you know it is worth it.”

Head of School, Ademola Aralepo Joke noted that the musical concert is aimed at bringing out the latent talent in the kids, “from an avenue like this, we can figure out those who will become masters in the field tomorrow.

All along, music has been a priority for us in our school. However, when you are down, music brings you up, when you are agitated it is soothing and so it is necessary to always have music around you all the time.”

She also noted that in the past, parents do not support their kids going into music but today there is a change in what used to be a norm.

“If a child is a graduate of medicine or law for instance, am sure that parent wouldn’t be ashamed to have that same child sing, it is only when the child is a drop-out that it becomes a problem.

So, parents should ensure they follow up with their kids so that music do not take the place of academics and vice versa; there has to be a balance for a better tomorrow.”

Chairman Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Kojo-Anthony Onwaeze said that school is trying to develop other talents aside academics and so the parents are here to see what their children have to offer.

“Having had sport competitions, cultural day, and now we are trying our hands on traditional and western instruments. We want to see other spheres of life that they can go into because when you merge education and talent then the child stands out.”

Music Director, Obasola Shina, said that it was interesting taking the children through sessions as it is one thing to train and another to build and work on their talent.

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