Entertainment Takes Centre stage As Health Intel Creates Awareness


Dr. Soji Jemitola (middle), with some participants durinh the second edition of KYN campaign held at Rowe Park in Lagos… last week

All work and no fun in this case could actually make one a sick person. As result, Health Intel Solutions Limited, a health outfit that create awareness for the public about checking up their health status for free or at discounted rates of 75 Percent, staged their second campaign where entertainment was used to attract the attention of the public and friends to get themselves tested of many ailments they didn’t imagine they could be suffering from.

According to the Programme Director Dr. Soji Jemitola “the event is an initiative comprising free medical test, preventive education, free consultations with medical specialists, games and activities for adults and kids, focused seminars, music, comedy and dance as well as raffle draw prizes.”

Soji added that, “the programme is unique because it encourages people to take their health status serious because of the fun and lively atmosphere.”

According to her, “KYN Campaign is all about finding out your health status because early test and treatment reduces the complication of disease or infection.”

She explained that, “if there is anything an individual is predisposed to, they can take preventive measures to avoid it from becoming full grown infection or disease.

Confirming that during the first KYN Campaign in Ikoyi, seven women prone to cervical cancer were discovered and they were given an out patience procedure which prevented the infection from becoming a full blown cervical cancer which would have been disastrous.

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