Buying and selling

online-shoppingIt’s disgusting to hear students say they are involved in a particular crime for lack of what to do to earn money, or because their parents are poor and cannot adequately provide for them. Looking around one’s environment, including the campus, any foresighted student would find so many things to do to boost his/her financial stand and even provide for others.

One of the many things is buying and selling. One may ask, ‘is it the type of petty trading the women/men on the streets do’? The answer is no, even though they have common denominator, which is exchanging money for goods and services.

Here, students could try their hands on going to wholesale markets across the country to buy items, which range from clothes to any item students love to buy. The items are endless, especially with some lecturers asking students to summit their assignments or term papers to them by e-mail or do their presentation through electronic means.

What this means is that flash drives, laptops, USB cords, linkskeys, card readers, chargers, keyboards, bluetooth devices and others will be in high demand in these schools. Surprisingly, these accessories are handy and light; sellers can carry a bag full of the items without stress. Sellers do not need to own shop or store to sell them; let students know where and how to get them and the reason would be history. One can easily do this through the various associations, including pasting notices at vantage places. And for the items, all that is required is proper handling, especially for the fragile ones.

Apart from these items, one can be involved in the sale of clothes, under wears, belts, shoes and others. If you have easy access to male students, selling items that range from boxers, singlet, tee shirts, designer shirts to trousers and other male items would be to your advantage, as this would enable you move freely with them and sell without fears. But if the ladies make up the majority of your friends, selling ladies’ wear would be it. Sell to the gender you can freely mix with, but if you are familiar with both sex, then you are on the way to making good money, because students would buy anything that catch their fancy. So, go for quality and genuine items.

To make good money, some people go to business men/women, who deal on fairly used cloths (second-hand) on a large scale; buy from them, wash, starch, apply perfume and iron, so that they may look new and then sell.

To build a strong and large clientele, one must have an eye for quality and fair pricing.

Some may ask, could these students not go to the markets themselves? Your answers are as good as mine, as we must know that some students cannot haggle prices in the open market, so they feel comfortable getting the items within the comforts of their hostel. Another advantage is that, it allows them to buy what they need on installment basis.

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