Water sports can drive Lagos tourism industry, says Ivie

Lagos has the capacity to be a leading and dominant player in water sports like water polo, kayak and canoeing, says a top tourism expert, Ms. Ivie Aruviereh.
Ms. Aruviereh said her optimism was predicated on the coastal nature of the state, noting that the government can nurture water sports athletes, who, with time, will compete favourably with their counterparts at international competitions like the Olympic Games.

She also noted that the government could make a lot of money if the tourism potential in the state’s water were properly harnessed, through the introduction and cultivation of a proper and effective water tourism board that would draw out a roadmap for the development of the waterways into a money-spinning venture.

Ms. Aruviereh, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Ruvieh Travel and Holidays, said, “I am surprised that the Lagos State government has not seen the massive income that they can make from the water that surrounds the state. Lagos is an aquatic state and in other climes, they would have made a lot of income by doing simple things like turning the waterways into tourist attractions.

“As an expert in the industry, I am advocating an integrated plan to turn our waterways into tourism attractions by introducing cruise lines like they have in Egypt, where you have this unbelievable and paradisal trip in cruise liners, with all the attendant fun, and along the way, you also provide a fertile ground for the introduction of water sports, which will engage our youths and a night-life fun-trip.

“Our government has not invested in sports and tourism. Nothing is stopping Lagos State from having cruises on the seas. It is unbelievable that these seas are wasting away, ditto for our tourism and sports. If Governor Akinwunmi Ambode can come up with two cruise liners, the face of tourism and water sports will change. We will do it and cater for different strands of the public.

“We can even have boat kayak, regatta and a whole lot of other attractive side attractions that will jerk up the financial position of Lagos State,” Ms. Aruviereh said.

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