Vincent Enyeama shuns NFF summons, Keshi sues for peace

Super eagles captain, Enyeama

Super eagles captain, Enyeama

Super Eagles’ captain, Vincent Enyeama, yesterday did not attend the Nigeria Football Federation’s (NFF) Disciplinary Committee’s summons to explain his comments on the choice of Kaduna as venue for the country’s Gabon 2017 African Nations Cup qualifier against Chad on June 13.

Enyeama had on the eve of the game expressed his dissatisfaction with the choice of the Ahmadu Bello Stadium in Kaduna as venue for the game, citing security challenges in the northern part of the country. But the NFF did not take kindly to his comments.

The body set up a committee to question the Super Eagles’ captain on the comments with a view to ensuring that no other player challenged the NFF’s right to decide where the national team games would be played.

Enyeama was, however, conspicuously absent yesterday when the Organizing and Disciplinary Committee (O&D) of the federation sat over some issues that bothered on team discipline.

Meanwhile, Super Eagles’ Chief Coach, Stephen Keshi, has urged Nigerians to work for measures that would restore peace and decency to the national team to enable the technical crew work towards qualifying Nigeria for the 2017 AFCON.

Keshi, who was invited to the Glass House by the NFF to explain his recent link with the vacant Cote d’Ivoire job, as well as his alleged bias in the selection of players, told journalists after appearing before the Committee that he was not worried about the issue because he had told them everything he knew about the matter.

“What is on my mind today is the next AFCON game against Tanzania and how to defeat them in September. We thank God for the victory against Chad in Kaduna, the next should be how to consolidate on that victory that should be our target now and not who said what.

“About Vincent, I only know about myself that I need to be here today, but for Vincent Enyeama I don’t know about that.”

Keshi denied knowing anything about the Ivorian job, even as he rejected suggestions to drag the West African country to court.

“I have said it before that I did not apply for the Ivorian job because I have a job which I am happy with. But talking about court, I will not do that because my name is everywhere and if I take them to court will I also take Kenya and Ghana to court? That is the experience of every coach in the world,” he noted.

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  • John Madu

    NFF under Pinnick may be a colossal failure. Instead of formulating programmes to move our football forward, he is busy disciplining footballers. Who disciplined him when he appointed an incompetent coach for falcons and the nff did not organize a single grade A match for falcons.

  • Princely Adeleye

    The NFF having nothing reasonable to with their time. The coach have a job to do and I believe that he is going about just doing that. The Super Eagles Captain and Goalie is a very busy professional footballer. I do not wish to have issues with the NFF because in my reckoning, the body does not exist. It should either be scrapped or re-constituted. Mr Pinnick, what part of the “animal kingdom” did you hail from?. You’re definitely not from DELTA STATE. You be born throway !!!!.

  • Ako Amadi

    When he NFF members are not setting their office on fire, they try to pick a quarrel and scandalise Stephen Keshi. Now they are trying to pick the pocket of the goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama, in a dangerous adventure that has religious undertones. All this is a cover up to divert the attention of Nigerians from the poor performance of the Falcons in Canada, and the Flying Eagles in New Zealand. The NFF is behaving like a cult, and a law unto itself, forgetting they are financially accountable to their sponsors, primarily NIKE and the Federal Government for the funds so far wasted that have brought shameful results to the nation. I wonder that they published the query to Vincent in the press, which is unprofessional and disrespectful by any standards of management. I would advise Vincent Enyeama not to appear before these morons.

  • tolu


  • Sunshine

    As a goal keeper, does it mean he has no right to talk about health and safety if he was not sure. What has he one wrong then?

  • AriseNigeria

    Why would any sensible person respond to such stupid and foolish inquiry, to dignify foolishness. How can animals called NFF queries someone for expressing safety concern just because he wanted to represent his country. It is outrageous to even contemplate that someone will spare his time to appear before such an unholy clowns, that are drunk with power.

  • AriseNigeria

    The biggest question for NFF is why we still have Keshi as head coach considering his numerous failures, and not harassing Vincent Enyeama. Enyeama should not honor their stupid invitation so he does not dignify their numerous NONSENSE

  • Asuquo Bassey

    NFF should leave Enyeama alone, what is the problem for somebody to express his view concerning the security and safety of himself and other players. After that he apologise, but NFF still want to make a mountain out of the issue. Let NFF stop all this distraction on the coach and player and support the team to play and qualify for Nation Cup. Enough is enough. God bless Nigeria

  • peter rock

    Nigeria is entity of darkness, they want to patronize boko haram, health and safety is not in there constitution

  • tbt

    I think it’s about time NFF tell players where a game should be played so that he can chose to come or not, that will help you have peace, hence a football player has no right to question where you asked him to play. To me I think Pinnike should be sacked for chosen such a pitch for International game. That is how you Pinniki eat players allowance, therefore you have to discipline Enyeama so that others will not complain as you eat there allowance, Bunch of corrupt people.

  • udofiapeter

    NFF will soon face corruption probe like FIFA

  • emmanuel kalu

    not only was it a security threat area, it was one of the hottest place in nigeria at that time. who that does that benefit, chad. NFF need to thing about this things.