NCF plans cricket outreach for North East

ICC World Cup trophy berths in Nigeria next week

In continuation of its efforts to ensure that cricket enjoys better patronage among the country’s youths, the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) has concluded plans to take the sport to the Internally-Displaced Peoples’ (IDP) camps in the nation’s North East. The idea, according to the NCF, is to teach the many youths in the camps how to play the game and get the talented ones into the mainstream of Nigerian cricket family.

Speaking on the final day of a three-day Commercial Strategy and Development Workshop organized by the federation in Lagos, NCF’s Vice President, Uyi Akpata said, “The outreach in the North East will help us bring many of the youths into the game. We want to start having regular interactions with them as we continue spreading the game across the country.”

He revealed the outreach will hold after the forthcoming elections, adding that coaches and other officials are already tuned in, waiting for the programme to start.

Akpata also disclosed that the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup trophy, which is on a worldwide tour, will berth in Nigeria from February 11 to 13.

Nigeria is one of the four African countries to host the trophy. Others are Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa.

For the first time, the ICC World Cup trophy has not only visited countries taking part in the tournament and traditional cricket nations, but also places where cricket is rapidly growing such as Nigeria, Rwanda, Nepal, Germany and United States.

In its nine-month journey across the globe, cricket fans will get up close to the highly coveted trophy.

The trophy will arrive Rwanda today and from Rwanda it will head to Nigeria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany – in that order – before arriving in England and Wales on February 19 for a 100-day domestic Trophy Tour as part of the build-up to this year’s World Cup finals tournament from May 30 to July 14 in Wales and England.

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