My girls quarrelled too much on pitch, Edwin Okon explains

Kyah Simon of Australia (right) beats Super Falcons’ Precious Dede to score one of Australia’s goals in their 2-0 defeat of Nigeria…on Friday.        PHOTO: FIFA

Kyah Simon of Australia (right) beats Super Falcons’ Precious Dede to score one of Australia’s goals in their 2-0 defeat of Nigeria…on Friday. PHOTO: FIFA

Despite going down 2-0 in their second group D game against Australia here on Friday, Super Falcons coach, Edwin Okon is still sure of progressing to the next stage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. But the coach says he would have to find urgent solution to the ‘quarrels’ among his players inside the pitch.

Speaking with The Guardian after losing the game to Australia, Okon said: “I know that Nigerians will be so disappointed with the result, but I still believe the situation is still redeemable. We will try and put things right against USA on Tuesday.

“In football, you must get your acts together. This idea of my players quarreling inside the pitch has to stop. We will find a way to put a stop to it because it doesn’t lead to success. Once you begin to quarrel among yourselves, things will stop to work in your favour,’’ Okon said.

Meanwhile, goalkeeper Precious Dede, defender Onome Ebi and striker Perpetua Nkwocha have expressed optimism that Nigeria can still make it from the group stage despite the defeat to Australia, though they admitted that the race might be difficult.

Dede spoke with The Guardian after Friday’s game: “I don’t really know what happened to us today. It looks like a dream to me because we actually prepared to win this match.”

The duo of Nkwocha and Ebi added: “We will double our efforts and make sure we beat USA on Tuesday in Vancouver.”

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  • Jesus Only

    In my opinion over-confidence caused the girls defeat, During the pre-match press conference before their first match with the Sweden, the coach spoke overtly, was confidence with the girls that no team in the tournament earned a bit of respect. After the match with the Sweden, despised the fact the falcons came from behind to earn equalizer, they still did not learn a single lesson but also gave a press report that the Swedes were lucky to escape defeat. Whereas the reverse was the case The falcons rather were lucky to escape defeat from Swedes. Now as things stand it can only take divine intervention for them to qualify from that group. One if we are to go by goals difference they will need to beat USA by 3 goals to nil and pray that Sweden beat Australia, a draw between the later will drop the girls from the group stage except there is option of best loser. But to beat USA by 3-0 will take divine intervention.

    • Moon

      You are wrong in your goals calculation. Nigeria only needs one goal to qualify for the next around. At it stands, USA has three goals aggregate and four points, while Nigeria has three goals aggregate and one point. All Nigeria needs to advance is a win. By calculating goals aggregate Nigeria will be on top if they win. Nigeria has nothing to worry about on Sweden and Australia rather to focus on beating USA. If USA beats Nigeria, Nigeria is out or If Nigeria beats USA, USA is out. The same thing goes to Sweden and Australia. Sweden beats Australia, Australia is out or if Australia beats Sweden, Sweden is out.

      • Charlosa

        If Nigeria beat USA, USA will still qualify as one of the best third place finishers if Sweden defeat Australia. If Nigerian and Australia looses which are more likely to happen today, only Nigeria will return home. A third place team with 3pts with less goal difference with qualify. Nigeria cannot beat USA, even if our strikers could score which I doubt as the US goalkeeper is very good, our defense and goalkeeper will continue to concede goals. Nigeria play football with their mouths with out preparing well for matches to map out the right strategies after studying the opponent. Australia saw how we played Sweden and came with a strategy to dominate the midfield and deprived the strikers from being fed that much. All I hear are promises and show of optimism. Have the technical crew drawn out a workable strategy to beat USA? I will find out in the first 10mins, if see no stretegy, I will switch to watch the Sweden and Australia match.

  • baba loke

    They should forget this one and come home to continue their quarrel. When i saw them celebrating that draw with Sweden I knew we had lost it again. Nigerians can never manage success, they always programme themselves for self-destruct. Look at the election we had and when we thought we had gotten it right, the APC went to sleep and the demons disturbing this nation came forth and they are now brow beating laughing at us all. It is sad that patriotism has deserted this nation, very sad.