British-born Nigerian female footballer scores 14 goals in one match

The England youth international became famous in football, after netting 14 goals for the University of East London women’s football team in their 40-0 bashing of the University College, London in 2016.

Joins Watford Ladies

A young Nigerian female footballer, Rinsola Babajide, who plies her trade in England, was delighted to open her goalscoring for new club, Watford Ladies during the week following her transfer from Millwall Lionesses.

The 18-year-old Babajide needed only two minutes to open scoring for the new club on Wednesday, though the Hornets were held to a 1-1 draw by Canadian touring side, Griffins WSOC. Babajide fired brilliantly from the tightest of angles.

The England youth international became famous in football, after netting 14 goals for the University of East London women’s football team in their 40-0 bashing of the University College, London in 2016.

She has been called up to England U-19 squad for the upcoming La Manga Tournament. After debuting for her new team, Watford Ladies, a delighted Babajide tweeted after the friendly at Kings Langley FC saying: “Happy to score my first Watford goal yesterday, hopefully many more ⚽️??? #GTG #GGM @Watfordladiesfc”.

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