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Omowunmi Akuruli

Omowunmi Akuruli

Omowunmi Akuruli is a gospel artiste and songwriter, who apart from aspiring to be among the best singers, wants artiste playing gospel genre of music to eschew mixing their lyrics with secular songs. The Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, accounting graduate started singing in her teen years, when she joined her church choir at the age of 14. In a chat with GERALDINE AKUTU, the lady gospel singer talks about her music and other issues.

At what point did you take up music professionally?
I went professional in 2012, but released my first album in 2014. It’s an eight-track album with a bonus track. The bonus track is the added instrumental of one of the tracks.

How has it been since you started?
It has been challenging and at the same time interesting. The challenges have made me stronger and better; they spur me to work hard and to put in my best in anything I do.

What’s your genre of music?
It is more of inspirational and worship. It’s a Christian gospel music.

What makes your music different from others?
It’s the message. Everybody has a message to pass through his or her song, but mine is inspiring and soul lifting.

What’s your take on our gospel artiste in Nigeria?
The Nigerian gospel artistes are still coming up. Most gospel artistes tend to mix gospel music with the secular one with the hope of being acceptable across board. They, however, forget the fact that it is only God that can take one to the pinnacle of success.

Where did you get the inspiration to sing?
It’s from the Holy Spirit, nature and things happening around me.

What comes to your mind when writing your songs?
It depends on my mood. Sometimes, the idea comes while I am in the kitchen cooking. It could also be while in my bedroom or any other place. And when such happens I pick up a pen and paper and write them down.

Who are your role models within and outside Nigeria?
I admire Chris Morgan, who songs are good. Onyeka Onwenu for her inspiring songs; she is always into her song when she sings. I look forward to collaborating with her. Outside the country, I love Donnie McClurkin because his songs minister to the soul.

How long does it take to master your songs before going on stage?
It takes a minimum of two to three-week rehearsals depending on where I am going to perform.

What positive changes would you like to see in the music industry?
I would like to see an industry that is full of sincere people who would do music the old school way. I mean the way it was done in the past. I think there should be a clear difference between gospel and secular music; we should stop muddling things up. We should go back to the message of God.

What changes would like to see in Nigeria, if given the opportunity?
I would like to see great change in the power sector because epileptic power supply is crumbling a lot of things. Everything that will make Nigeria what it ought to be is solely dependent on the power sector. We are spending money we should have spent on feeding and doing other things to fuel our generators. If power supply is good other things will fall in place.

Any advice for gospel artistes?
Yes, they should focus on God, who is the main source of inspiration and do not deviating. Gospel music should inspire and touch lives positively and not the other way round. They should go back to their source, which is God; make good music and be role models.
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