Guide to Personal Development

DR-NIKO-2Using the rule four as a guide I want you to act with drive and passion when you are striving to change your status.

I wonder why Nigerians just love to complain. We are so ready to pass on all our problems to someone else to solve. If you are a politician or you have worked with a politician then you will understand what I am talking about as they get the most texts or SMS that indicate a need for help. Some people believe that their political leaders should pay the school fees of their children, some believe that it is the political leaders that should set up a business for their son or daughter, and in some very ridiculous cases the people pass on the responsibility of marriage for their sons or daughters to the politician.

In school you have people that blame the lecturers for their poor performance, you have people that blame the weather, blame the Gods, blame the country, blame their environment, and they blame everything and everyone except themselves for their problems.

They do not look at the real problem which is the fact that they have refused to take responsibility. If they took responsibility for their future then that is the beginning of their solutions. However I have summed it up with one phrase, the phrase that I have used as a rule on the path to greatness. The one phrase that is currently one of my fifteen laws for super achievement and success. And that phrase is

And that is all it takes. If you start acting right, start taking responsibility, start putting in your very best when you are given an assignment then trust me you will double your income. And in no time you will start growing in all areas of your life.
Change your performance, commit to peak performance, super achievement and success and you will never be the same again.

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