Why marble flooring ticks


Marble flooring has long been in use and is even getting more popular, unlike some other materials that go out of fashion with time. In recent times, the marble tiles are used in various combinations to provide custom look on the floor.

There are key features of marble that make it tick as a great flooring option.

• Sustainability: Strength and durability is the reason people like the production of marble tiles for flooring inside and outside. These tiles are best for areas that experience rush. For example, it is preferable to have it in the reception area, kitchen and bathroom.

• Worthy of money: It is worth the money expended in its installation at the long run when compared with cheaper tiles since it wears well. If each tile is broken it can be replaced.

• Colour and style: It offers colour and style because there is a wide range to choose from. You can choose any colour and design to make your home beautiful.

• Resistance to water and heat: Marble tiles are totally waterproof and heat resistant. Even when they are exposed to rainfall and direct sunlight, their brightness is not adversely affected.

• Easy cleaning: Cleaning marble floors is very simple. All it needs is wiping with clean water, and then drying with a clean towel. Cleaning a marble floor will extend its life and keep its polished look. In the market, there might be some marble floor cleaner, but warm water will do just fine instead of a specialised cleaner.

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