What The Client Expects From The Event Planner

Eventss-CopyEVERY event is unique in itself and every event owner has a vision of what his event should look like. As the need to hire event professionals to coordinate events is on an increasing demand by the day, so also are clients’ expectations of what these event planners should deliver.
We take a look at some of the things your event clients expect from you so you can deliver better results at your next event.

Vision Impartation
The very first thing a client wants from you is a clear understanding of their vision for the event. Your client wants you to embrace their vision like your own, put it into words they can’t find and make the vision come to life and deliver an event according to it with much creativity that leaves a lasting memory for them and their guests.

Budget Management
The client is focusing on how well you can manage his limited budget and how much you can deliver with it. Although many clients want a five star event delivered on a one-star budget, but you are most likely going to lose a prospective client if you just announce to him that his dream event cannot be achieved with his 1 million naira budget without first proving your professionalism by presenting him with the possibilities his budget can accommodate. Your client expects you to behave with his budget as if it were your own and be as creative and innovative as possible with it.

Your clients love to be pampered and have a feeling that a friend is planning their event for them and not a company that they can hardly relate with. It is therefore very important that you create a good relationship with your client, give them the best service and assistance as well as have people who are passionate about hospitality work with you on their event. It is this experience your client will remember and not the details that have gone into the planning of the event.

Complete proposals
As a good event planner, you must create for your client, a customized proposal that clearly defines all possible options including catering, décor, entertainment, rentals and so on. Your clients would not be pleased with any surprise after the contract. They expect you to furnish them with every necessary detail and a complete quote without leaving anything to the imagination.

Trusted Vendors
Event vendors and suppliers are a critical part of any event and failure to select the right suppliers will result in a poorly delivered event. Your clients expect you as an event planner to be familiar with top local vendors and to be able to recommend the trusted and reputable ones among them to hire for their event.

Effective communication
A successful event planner must be a great communicator. Communication in the event planning process has a large influence on an event success or failure because even the best-managed events that deliver on time and within budget, can still get a bad reputation and be considered a failure if not well communicated.

Note however that event owners differ in their information requirements and communication methods. You will, therefore, have to always define the required information and the communication method that best suits your client per time. This can be done by interviewing them about their preferences, what they want to know, how they want to be communicated with, and how often.
We wish you outstanding success in your event planning career.

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