Jidenna in a tale of Nigerians and their love for titles 


One thing most Nigerians don’t joke about is title. It provides opportunity to show off what has been achieved over the years. Some Nigerians, especially title-holders, usually feel that without their titles affix to their names, they are just ordinary. Hence, they try as much as possible to acquire many titles so that they would be counted.

In many societies, people with doctorate degrees would simply introduce themselves by their names. And except a person is a designated medical doctor, it is awkward to use that title. But in Nigeria, it’s different — even people who have no formal education take the liberty to affix ‘Dr.’ to their names.
Today, some chiefs ruling over villages are sometimes referred to as majesties or royal highnesses to the embarrassment of everybody. In the same vein, speakers of various houses of assembly and the National Assembly are referred to as Right Honourable.

Jidenna, one of Nigeria’s biggest treasures in the music industry, is seated with a master brewer who describes that internationally renowned beer, Heineken, is made with water, barley and hops. The musician expects that with 15-year experience of brewing of such globally accepted beer, he should be known as more than just a ‘Master Brewer’.

He goes ahead to list examples of titles he believes such an expert deserves –  ‘The Right Honourable Brew Master General’. But the brewer insists on being referred to as ‘just Master Brewer.’ Like most Nigerians would, Jidenna reels out a couple more titles – Double Chief, GCN, FOE, HTTP and the likes… until he gives up.
When the video was shared across the Nigerian social media space – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, it immediately spread like wildfire. On a single Instagram handle, it has drawn over 4,800 comments and counting. This opinion was unanimous, as many that saw the commercial said it is the best advertising viewers have ever seen.
Much deeper, the commercial is a true Nigerian insight revealed by an international beer brand. It represented what every single person in Nigeria knew or already thought about – the importance of titles to Nigerians.

What makes the commercial more special and relatable? Why do titles matter so much to us? Though our obsession and appetite for titles and positions may seem extra, it represents who we are – a people with pride, desire for recognition.
Having an international brand like Heineken display such spectacular insight about the Nigerian psyche, and have it told in such a tasteful manner by none other than Jidenna – an international brand with Nigerian flair – makes something so good look perfect.

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