‘I Get Fulfillment Performing Free Concerts’

Gbenga Adenuga

Gbenga Adenuga

When one hears of a musical concert holding at Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) Centre, Onikan, Lagos State, what readily comes to the mind of an average Lagosian is, ‘an exorbitant show for the elites or affluent of the society’. But in this case, it was different.

A gospel musician, Gbenga Adenuga on Sunday, 17 May, 2015 held a thrilling, sensational and inspirational musical concert tagged: “Worship With Gbenga Adenuga (WWGA)”, at the Shell Hall of MUSON Centre; a concert thrown open to all who cares to attend.

The striking thing about this concert which Gbenga disclosed cost him not less than N3 million to put up is that it has become a project which is now perennial, as it was the third edition of the WWGA, with another lined up for July 12.

It was really a congregation in the presence of God, a performance which brought out emotions, tears and a bit of craziness, all for the exaltation God. It was soul-touching as the audience who filled the hall to capacity praised God to the rhythm of the scintillating performances of Gbenga.

Speaking after the performance, Gbenga disclosed that he has been into this trade for the past 20 years because of the love he has for God. He said that his drive come from his believe that people should not pay to worship God, adding that he can spend his last kobo ensuring this is so.

He noted that he believes that the real concert is the efforts put into the preparations of the event, pointing out that for the fact that God has provided him with everything needed for the show, he has no reason to charge for it.

In his words: “I’ve been doing this for the past 20 years. I love it. I’m happy. It’s what I am made to do and I am going to keep on doing it. I pray to God that when I advance, I can do concert for nations; people can gather from everywhere and worship God. It’s not that I have all the money in the whole world, once God provides, I can spend the last of the money to do this for Him. He has been so good to me and I feel that the least I can do is also to give back to Him in my own little way; that’s what life is all about.

“Also, I believe that worship is free. For me, the concert that we do here is not the real thing; my concert has ended before we started. The real thing for me is the efforts, the money and the sacrifice that goes into it, that is worship for me. Why should I then charge for what God has already provided for me? Why should I charge for something that had already ended before it even took place?”

When posed with a question on how he intends to keep this project running when there is no means of generating funds to finance it, Gbenga responded that he has other businesses which he engage in and which God has been faithful to him. “I’m going to keep doing this, and it’s going to keep coming back, and God is going to keep blessing me. And once that happens, it’s like a cycle, I will keep doing it,” he said.

Gbenga whose birthday was on May 25, ceased the opportunity of the large gathering to celebrate the anniversary, offering all that came barbeques, small chops and drinks.

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