Aisien sizzles in Nneka The Pretty Serpent


For model and TV personality, Idia Aisien, making her debut in the Play Network Studios’ remake of the classic film, Nneka the Pretty Serpent, was an experience she describes as ‘unbelievable’.

The movie is Play Network Studios’ third film based on 90s Nigerian classics after Charles Okpakele, the Chief Executive Officer of the company acquired the rights to some of the films including Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, which was released in 2019 to critical acclaim, and the remake of Rattlesnake, which was also released late last year.

To play the iconic titular character (Nneka), the budding actress said she went through an extensive audition process, beating out several women to win the highly coveted role.

Speaking on how she landed and play the role, Asien said: “A lot went into getting me ready to be Nneka but it was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to. When I was asked to send in a video for audition purposes, I think one of the things they were looking for is someone who could play two different characters as seen in that mirror scene.

“I went for several auditions, sent in a couple of videos and I went some months without hearing anything but at the end of April 2020, I was told that I was cast as Nneka.”

“They got me a coach and I started taking Igbo classes, I had to learn how to swim well, took acting classes and learn how to fight. So I got coach Uzi to help me out with that.

“So much went into creating this movie but I think it was totally worth it. I have watched this movie about 15 times and I think I have enjoyed it every single time,” she added.

Asked if she would take on more acting roles, Asien said: “Even though I’m still terrified, it is something I would do in a heartbeat. If I get hired, I’d definitely act in as many movies as possible. I’m beyond excited about what the future holds for me.”

The original script of the 1994 iconic flick by Zeb Ejiro, the Sheik of the Nigerian movie industry, told the story of Nneka, a mermaid disguised as a human, whose mission on earth was to destroy men.

As a newcomer in front of lights and camera with so much action to deal with, Asien had to embraced her legend as a femme fatale who witnessed the murder of her parents by unknown intruders when she was young, haunted by nightmares until her world collides with an underwater being who shapeshifts between snake and human.

Possessed by the entity, she is granted powers of mind control, regenerative healing, super strength, enhanced hearing, and a snake’s venomous bite. Using these powers to eliminate her parents’ killers one by one, she manages to find love in the course of her quest for justice.

Directed by Tosin Igho and produced by Ramsey Nouah, the movie, which hit the cinemas in late December 2020, builds on and answers some of the original story’s unanswered questions.

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