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Cobweb-1-CopyCOBWEB can ruin the look of a living space and decorations. To keep it off implies that spiders will not be allowed to exist in the place.

It will take a combination of sanitation and the use of pesticides to check their presence in any place.

The first thing to do in preventing cobweb is to eliminate entry of spiders into homes by removing rocks, wood and compost piles and other places close to the home that provide shelter for spiders.
Ensure that cracks and crevices around the foundation are sealed. Keep all screens and door sealed tight. Crawl spaces should be kept free of debris and boxes and other potential hiding places from corners and dark storage areas should be limited.

Yellow outdoor lighting that is not attractive to spiders can limit spider web building. Eliminating the other insects that spiders prey on can limit spider development.

Cobweb-2-CopyResidual insecticides can also be used to control spiders when applied to corners and other sites where spiders tend to breed.

Where cobweb has already manifested, the appropriate thing to do is to clean it. Use cobweb duster or brooms to clean ceiling corners and railings. Ensure the broom is clean and free of ingrained dirt before cleaning cobwebs on the ceiling and corners of walls.

Another cleaning item to use is feather duster. Remove the cobwebs from the feather before doing any other dusting or they may leave marks elsewhere.

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