‘Vote Of Confidence On Saraki Is A Confirmation Of His Leadership Qualities’

Ameh 1-8-15 CopyNational Chairman of Progressive People’s Alliance (PPA), Chief Peter Ameh speaks on the resolution of the crisis in the National Assembly.

What are your views on the crisis in the National Assembly and how it has been handled?
It is very sad and unfortunate to see that our Senators who were voted to represent their constituents were behaving like children. However, I know most of them have seen the reactions of Nigerians and I think that was the reason they tried to shield the issue but the fact remains that whatever plans they have on their minds still exist.

They will continue to seek ways to outsmart one another. The only advice I have for them is for them to take the interest of Nigeria above their own interest. By the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, APC as a Party was not supposed to interfere directly in the activities of the Senate. They were supposed to have their own caucus where they speak to their party members separately, but it seemed they were having direct confrontation with all Senators. It was obvious by the actions of the 81 Senators who passed vote of confidence was to let the party know that they were behind the newly elected Senate President. That it was their decision and that they stand by it.

What do you say about vote of confidence sponsored by the opposition party senator?
One of the laws of the world is self- reservation. Whatever will keep you alive, keep you standing is what you support. If Saraki has shown mark of leadership that gave him votes across party line, it is something to respect him for.

There are people who cannot even give support to another political party. So, if they had done that, then, there must be qualities that are in him that we must commend. And considering that PDP has only 49 Senators, it means there some APC members who signed that Motion.

For me, that is not the thrust of the issue. We must look at is how we can move on to function very well without further crises and work in the interest of the nation. People should keep away whatever primordial sentiments they have and work for the development of the country.

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  • Efeturi Ojakaminor

    Oh, you mean his betrayal qualities!

  • Daniel

    Two laws in Nigeria,one for d common man and the other ones for the looters called the super rich.With money and power they are now senators,Can anyone tell me anywhere in the world that some few people can gang up together and change the law of the house of senates for selfish ambition? If saraki remains the senate president unpunished we still don’t have that change we really wanted.

  • anthony24g

    We are yet to witness any leadership on legislations/mandates that Nigerians voted for in the election. Hence the writer must be referring to his qualities for leadership of a legislature of sharers/embezzlers of Nigerian resources.