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Vimana Private Jets

Vimana Private Jets

With a vision to transform luxury aviation, Vimana Private Jets has been and continues to be the first choice in luxury aviation, be it corporate, presidential, diplomatic, personal, scenic and sightseeing or even for commercial travel. With emphasis on safety, security, privacy and comfort, the organisation has superseded standards of excellence in their daily services, ensuring the return time and again of their present clients and attracting and keeping new ones.

An independent broker with uncompromised access to over 5000 aircraft globally, coupled with their extensive experience and background in aviation and dedicated trained professional staff who are available to offer their clients 24/7 service 365 days a year, the company’s promise to revolutionise the quality of service is not an empty one.

Today, Vimana Private Jets has become synonymous with luxurious convenience. They will get you to from any airstrip or airport with seamless ease and efficiency. This service per excellence is also extended to emergency situations. Offering specific medical facilities and air ambulances and evacuations for large groups of people. Continued requests in these sectors reinforce Vimana’s desire to provide every client with a personally tailored flight. They adhere to stringent safety and security standards relieving their clients of any stress.

The company can proudly boast that they are able to offer an array of services simply not offered by any of their competitors with complete flexibility with respect to route and time. They were able to ensure that an airport on a busy holiday island during a public holiday was opened for a client.

You may be wondering how they achieved all that? They sent in a team on the ground, liaising with the Minister of Tourism, Airport Manager and a slew of relevant officials. Needless to say, their clients were wheels up at 4am and landed in time for their next appointment perfectly relaxed and rested and stress free having had Vimana’s dedicated staff ensure that all their needs were taken care off.

Those fortunate enough to be on the select and elite client list of Vimana Private Jet services know from experience that when they need to get somewhere Vimana will always be their only choice; it’s always the first port of call for those who have the priviledge to be on their client list.

Having utilised a well known mobile booking app, a client just about gave up hope making it in time for a photo shoot in New York. Contacting several charter jet brokers, they were told over and over again that the soonest they would be able to leave Havana for their New York shoot would be 72 hours later.

Naturally with Vimana there is always a happy ending, within 4 hours of being contacted their clients were air bound to the Big Apple the very next morning and furthermore costing them $20 000 less. Despite the last minute booking the clients’ every need was met on the flight. Vimana Private Jets offers luxury on board catering from an extensive menu, courteous and professional stewards and flight crew, reconfiguration of the plane to the client’s demands and any other services such as masseuse etc on board are taken care of.

The benefits off charter flights are countless; they maximise time efficiency for business professionals, which enables them to fulfil strict schedules and carry several site visits and multiple meetings often in different locations. At the same time, it is comfortable without compromising safety and security.

Another time saver is the access to private terminals and to be able to board the flight minutes before take-off and the ability to access many more airports and landing strips. Often taking the client to locations not offered by scheduled flights all the while having the luxury of choosing the aircraft of your preference. Along with the charters, they offer empty legs, and own tailor made jet card.

Though Vimana Private Jets will not compromise on safety and comfort clients, who have been interviewed, have said requesting comparable quotes from competitors have shown Vimanas quotes to always beat those offered by their competitors.
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