DEJI OMOTOSO: The Man ARM, Others Would Miss



“To live is the rarest thing in the world, Most people exist, that is all.” — Oscar Wilde

FOR anyone who had the privilege of knowing him well, Deji did something that is indeed rare – he lived his life to the fullest. Between work and leisure, he gave it everything, and one could only stand back and look on with admiration.

The first word that colleagues would use to describe Deji, is “professional”. The second word would be “hard-working”. The third, heard from several and meant as a sincere compliment, is “fun”. These three words describe Deji perfectly. He was always there to review and check to ensure the work was done professionally, but if also there was an office social event, he was there to celebrate with you, even if it required him dashing back to the office to put finishing touches to an assignment.

Deji had boundless energy, constantly asking questions, ensuring that he understood every minor detail, rushing from office to office to get things done, whilst stopping by yours to share a joke, anecdote, having discussions about the recent football game; anything to bring a smile to your face. He was just that sort of a man. That is why it is so difficult to square that boisterousness and recent events with the person whom we have worked with over the last decade.

Deji was the consummate professional. We joked and sometimes complained about his need to have everything perfect and in place, whether it be a letter, a memo, a chart or a typeface; he could spot a mistake a mile off. But it is this character, which allowed us all to be able to depend on him to get things done, and get it right. During the global financial crisis, he held the fort and ensured financial prudence and his financial and accounting expertise contributed immensely to the growth and stability of ARM.

There are four words that should define an ARM person — proximity, ambition, truth and impact. Deji embodied all of these. He was close to his colleagues and our clients, and always made himself accessible. His sense of responsibility meant he worked hard to ensure ARM was, and is, what we needed to be. He wouldn’t entertain changes or work that didn’t say things exactly as they were and, finally he had an impact on every single one of us he came in contact with. What more could any of us friends or colleagues ask for?

Words are insufficient to describe the irreparable loss of Deji. His unexpected departure will leave a huge gap in our midst. We count ourselves privileged to have known him, worked with him and befriended him. His presence will always be missed around the corridors of the firm.

Members of staff of ARM contributed this tribute.

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  • oloriakojo

    when we exchanged greetings and emails about 2 x months ago from Far away Canada…..I was hoping someday we would meet face to face………probably on my next visit to Naija…our blessed nation….but this is not ever to be….May your soul rest in peace and May God grant those you left behind the grace and fortitude of heart to bear the loss.