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Bukky-Wright-1-2-4-16++Timeless is a word that is not used loosely when describing an actor, because their relevance eases out so easily, especially when they are not in the right mix.

But if you ask for a ‘timeless’ Nigerian screen actress who possesses a good sense of character interpretation, exceptional acting skills and who acts with life and vigour, the name of the actress that instantly became a household name after interpreting delightfully the role of the Suara’s meeky wife in one of the early episodes of the now so popular television drama series, Super Story will pop up.

Close watchers of the industry, including critics, agree that Oluwabukonola Ajakeade Wright has continued to impress and remain on top of her game.

Born and raised in Lagos, congratulatory messages have continued to pour in for the actress, who was a year older on Thursday.

Fans, colleagues and family members took to the social media to salute the actress, who sizzled in that Tunde Kelani feature film, Saworoide.

Notable movie director and producer, Fidelis Duker, who is reputed to have given Bukky her first role as a screen actress, described her as a ‘scintillating actress and an ageless beauty, who has done well as an actress.’

An actress of vast screen credits and a mother, Bukky’s first feel of the screen acting turf was in Images, that one part movie by Duker.

She followed it up with a performance in the Yoruba movie, Itohan and much later, she got a place, after a rigorous audition exercise, to feature in one of Kelani’s early masterpieces, Saworide.

Even Bukky admitted that it was that outing that contributed in turning her acting fortunes around.

She not only drew attention to her honest and concise handling of roles, she also became an instant choice for producers who were in search of an actress that could interprete a role with precision and clarity of diction.

Today the Ogun State native, whose early acting role models include the veteran actress of the Behind the Clouds fame, Ene Oloja, and John Collins gets the sort of adulation that she has herself found hard to believe.

Nollywood audiences cheer when her name sprawls across the screen. She is today celebrated as Nigeria’s most enterprising actress and one of the most recognisable faces in the Nigerian movie culture.

Simple and down to earth, Bukky, who revealed that her parents did not object to her joining the acting turf, has featured in over 100 films and has also produced a couple of full length feature films, but in Yoruba language.

“I cant readily put a figure to the number of movies I have done. What I can just say is that I have featured in a number of good movies that have been released since I took to acting till date,” she said.

In her pouch are award winning movies, like Itohan, Outkast, The Cartel, Agogo Eewo, Omo Olomo, Owo Ale, 7’Oclock, Agbeeke and then several episodes of the Super Story series by Wale Adenuga productions.

In an industry where some actresses regularly bare their bodies, Bukky, even though has adorned some daring outfits in some of her movie offerings, barely shows her body. Yet, she has remained on top of her game.

“We all can’t be nude artistes. I believe that if I can’t do it, somebody else can do.

“But I don’t see anything wrong in doing it. I just believe that we have guts more than ourselves. If you ask me, I would say that those who engage in exposing their bodies have more guts than I think I have.”

“Since they have the guts, let them go ahead. I mean, if I don’t do it, somebody else would have to do it.

“Really, I can’t go nude for a million dollar, but if you are talking about wearing crazy outfits, I can be very daring, as long as it suits the role I am giving to play,” she clarified.

Bukky said her philosophy about life has accounted for what is widely believed to be her phenomenal success in the movie.

“If you want to win a race, never mind the opposition, because the moment you start minding oppositions, you are likely not to win a race.

“I also believe that what goes around comes around,” she stressed.

But will she chose acting again given another opportunity at life?

“Yes, I would,” she snapped, and added: “I have no regrets doing it at all. I am okay. It has really opened doors and its still opening a lot of doors, even though the pain of having to be talked and read about in the negative is there.

“But every industry has its plus and minus. I always tell people that the sky is my beginning. I have a target for this industry. I won’t relent until I get to the target.

“So, I would do acting all over and over again.”

When Bukky is not acting, she engages in some buying and selling and also spends quality time attending to her two children, all boys.

She also engages in her other hobbies, which include writing and listening to good music, if she finds time.

Asked about her likes and dislikes, Bukky said she prefers blunt folks to dishonest people.

“I don’t like dishonesty. I don’t like fake people. I like blunt people, maybe because I am very blunt and straightforward. If I don’t like something, I say it straight away without mincing word.

“I also like to help people a lot. I believe I have been trying, but I have not done enough. I want to still do more,” she said.

Admired for her sense of style and ability to keep a trim shape, Bukky, who has so far attained a height that has unofficially conferred the status of an acting auntie on her from a number of new entrants, desires to establish a structure that would prepare those wishing to join the turf for the challenges ahead.

And for those interested in the acting vocation, Bukky advised that they must come in and hold on to that which they believe they have the talent to accomplish.

She counselled: “I would advice them to put in their best and do it to the best of their abilities.

“At the same time, they should always be determined, no matter how rough the road would be.

“I want to tell them that they can be better than me. In other words, they should not aim at becoming a Bukky Wright, because Bukky Wright would not sit at a spot and watch them run past her.”

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